1a: Presentation of ideas

Below is the video of each of our presentations.

Vicky’s Ideas:

Her first idea was about a dance routine  of cell block tango, however I thought some of the choices of girls she chose weren’t as good as they could be, especially because the reasons for the girls were then ironic for example one of the girls has very little dance experience compared to others, so I feel that the choreography would have to be simple and then wouldn’t give the dance the skill and justice it deserved. However the idea of having just one male would be good, because then at least it won’t be really distracting wit 6 boys and so you can focus more.

Vicky’s second idea was to do an ensemble dance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Even though she has chosen this because she’s obsessed with Michael Jackson, it does fit the theme and could be a pretty cool routine. She doesn’t know yet who would be Michael however if she loves it that much then maybe she should consider being him herself, as she does have the red jacket that is used in the music video. The smoke machine is a good idea and she doesn’t need to worry about fire alarms because of course they lit fake cigarettes and had pyrotechnics in Bent so I feel that a smoke machine really wouldn’t be an issue.

Finally Vicky’s last idea was based on the Swan Princess, however the routine would be based more on body language instead of full out choreography, I feel like this would have a contemporary kind of feel to express the story clearly without loads of choreography. I like the idea of the girl being turned into a swan however I feel like if she started putting on a costume throughout the change then it may look silly and possibly comedic, depending on what the costume looked like. However I was thinking about this  and I feel that If the girl just went into a small ball shape but on her knees similar to “child’s pose” then someone could place some white wings on her and then I think this would be enough to show the audience she has transformed.

Jack’s Ideas

Jack’s first idea is to use a song from American Idiot called Saint Jimmy. It’s a great representation of sinners and would be a great group number. He was thinking of using it for the end of Act 2, however it is a number just for boys and I fee like this wouldn’t be fair to just let the boys end the show.

His second idea is based on the song Totally Fucked from Spring awakening. I think that since this would be performed by everyone it would have a big impact on the audience and the different characters can react to the song in their own way. I feel like this would be a good song for the end of Act one as the show is also going to be based in a nightclub where people drink alcohol and do get drunk and so in that sense the song would work well. I don’t think it would work for the beginning of Act one because people are still being introduced and no one’s character apart from maybe 1 or 2 will be drunk or even had a drink yet. Jack chose this song, because there will be an age restriction and therefore could be allowed to have it in the show. He also suggested Bitch of Living, but I think Totally Fucked would be better, especially because it is for a whole company and not just for boys like Bitch Of Living and so we wouldn’t have to worry about creating harmonies for girl parts.

His last piece would be really good,  especially since it would be verbatim, however I thought he meant the things that the politicians say and not lyrics from songs about politicians. I feel like if he found two pieces of text from the same politician but they were contradicting each other then that would show more how politicians are sinners as well as there ability to be saints. Where as song lyrics are just peoples opinions and not so much the actual words being said. The songs he has chosen are all quite rocky as he mentions and so I feel it would be more of a piece showing how politicians are sinners and not really focusing on the saint part.

Harry’s Ideas

Harry’s Idea on the knights Templar was certainly different but I liked the originality of the piece. He also thought about the bar scene which is good because the show will be in a nightclub. I like the idea that we all have our own characters and as a situation occurs we will see how each of our characters react to that and what they will do about it, just like the knights Templar was created because there were bandits that needed to be punished. I’m guessing he’s thinking that some of characters will try and help stop the situation and some will want to carry it on depending on what this situation is and therefore we then see who is a sinner and who is a saint. I think this was well thought out and I like where the idea came from, however I feel there needed to be more detail or information for us to understand it more.

His second idea was to perform Gollum’s song, I’ve listened to the track and I think it could work as a piece but should be done as a monologue. If Harry kept it as a song because it is quite eerie and is originally sung by a girl I think he would need to keep that creepy feeling and still have a girl sing it, but I do prefer the monologue idea. The idea of two dancers is pretty clever as well because they can display the relationship between the two conflicting personalities that Gollum has.

The final idea was inspired by a poem about Norse gods. I’m liking this because it will be uplifting which we need especially after a scene that might be quite hard hitting and deep. It’s about Gods having a dinner party and Loki the god of mischief wants to annoy and play tricks on everyone. Harry wants to be Loki and I think that decision is great especially because he already has a vast knowledge of the characters and like he mentions he has a lot of energy which this character certainly needs. However the language used in the poem is almost Shakespearian and I think that may take the enjoyment of the scene away. If this was put in the show I think Harry should try and translate what they are all saying and then he can play around with how to make it funny.

Lou’s Ideas

Her first Idea was to have a few presenters or a double act to fill in any dead space during the show. I certainly didn’t think of this and I think this could be a great idea, however It means that those presenters, depending on how many, will have less to do in the show as they will need to be there after every act. If this was a group of presenters and not a double act then you have more freedom to be able to do things and so the presenters can then rotate between each other. However you then may lose the comedy factor of an Ant and Dec feeling if you have a few presenters, but that wouldn’t be a total loss.

The melodrama idea sounded good, especially since me and Lou have both been in one together and so have experience with them. I don’t understand what she means by improvising it, but you still have a set character? However the thought of it starting at the end of act 1 and starting at the beginning of act 2 was great because then you can purposefully put a cliff hanger in, which many melodramas traditionally have. I was thinking that it might be good for the second part to come in act 2 but maybe not the very beginning, because I think you would need to break it up a bit and then this would also give some space for another possible opening number or a dance routine?

The talking to terrorists could be great, but I feel like it depends on what angle you want to look at. I feel terrorists is a little bit of a taboo subject in the fact that no one wants to go into detail about how they plan things, how they live, what they do to people they have captured etc. People just talk about how they are extremists and they want everyone to be like them. Also would she look at victims of terrorists as well or just terrorists? How does she plan on finding interviews of terrorists expressing their opinions? I feel like this could be a good piece, but it needs to be done well as it could be a sensitive part of the show, because it is real and it could affect any of us.

Emma’s Ideas

I quite like Emma’s first idea for an opening number I feel that it explains good and evil clearly and to have it as an ensemble would be great. I quite like that its called facade and the message it gives, how doesn’t matter if you’re meant to be a good part of society you can still do bad things and vice versa. I also don’t really have an idea for an opening number, but I feel we should do one and so I think this could be a good option if we don’t have one.

The idea she has relating to this one is also good and it would be nice to see Harry as a villain, but I feel like it’s not necessarily needed and there are other ideas, like Zoe’s or Scott’s idea that have routines with singing and I feel those would be better to incorporate.

Emma’s second idea of the song from Prince of Egypt would literally be perfect for the show, its a great song for saints and I love it. I really think this could be very beautiful, because the Hebrew section is quite fast and light but if we slowed it down and only had girls singing it, I think that would be amazing. Her other idea of the plague song was very good as well. It could be sung by a saint or a sinner depending on the reason why they are singing it, however you would have to think about the storyline as I’m not sure what scene you would create for this to make sense.

I like the idea of the Heavens light and Hellfire is very suitable and I like that Emma wants to turn them into monologues. I think she should definitely change them though so that they don’t rhyme and add more  to Heavens light as the song is only over a minute long compared to hellfire which is roughly 4 minutes long. It does clearly show a saint and a sinner though and I think it would be good to use it in a love story concept.

James’s Ideas

James’s first idea from animal party sounded really cool and its a nice piece that has a really important message, which I think lots of people need to be reminded of. I also like the idea of a conscience telling him what he should do, aka symbolising the good and bad in everyone. This can be done in a nice comedic way, it doesn’t need to be too hard hitting and I think it would be nice to use it to break up the serious parts to make sure they’re not too heavy.

I like idea of a storm trooper trying to act good even though they have been enslaved and taught to be bad. The monologue is good for saints and sinners and I think as a monologue it would be great as it shows not everyone who is brainwashed to be bad is, and they can change their minds to do bad. Especially with the events happening in this day and age we mustn’t forget things like this and this monologue can give a great lesson.

James’s last idea was unexpected a bit, because unlike Lou’s idea he focuses on one person who fought against isis instead of many who were actually terrorists. I think it could be a great idea, however because he hasn’t had any ideas of how it would turn out, because he hasn’t written it or any ideas for it; it is hard to like this idea fully as there just isn’t much substance to it, but of course if a draft of some kind was written on how it would be performed then it may be easier to see whether it would work for the show or not.

Chloe’s Idea’s

I like the idea of a Romeo and Juliet themed dance routine, I had a similar idea in mind as well. Of course it is a bit different though, because Romeo and Juliet were both good people where as Romeo will technically be “bad” in this piece, it’s nice that she has already done a piece like this and so creating the choreography won’t take as long as some routines, because she already has an idea of how she wants it to look.

Her second idea was quite straight forward, and easy to understand. If our audience will be Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk mainly then some people still get uncomfortable around homosexuals, and so it would be a good message to show them that it is not a sin and they should be think more about equality. It is not illegal so its not a sin.

The Beauty and the Beast idea, I love! However it is for the wrong reasons, I mainly love this because it is Disney and I know it would be beautiful to watch. On a practical note it does and could fit the theme very well. The songs are in an order going from sins to the ending saint songs and it would just be great to break up the depressing parts with something that’s just nice to watch. However It would need some sort of story or dialogue to go with it, otherwise it is a bit random.

Tom’s Ideas

For Tom’s first idea I think as an ensemble piece it could be very easy to do and it works with the theme, however I think we interpreted it rather differently. He would use it as a saintly song, where as it’s not really saintly but it’s not really for a sinner either. When I listened to the song I got the impression that its telling you all the bad things in life and that you should just accept them instead. It talks about how God doesn’t answer many prayers and how life is crummy and the people you love will tell you lies, so in a way it’s not that nice. I think it fits well because it’s telling the audience that yeah this show has had some awful things in it that may be hard to watch, but that’s because they’re true, because that’s life. It would definitely fit very well at the end of Act 1, maybe Act 2 as well. I say Act 1 because it almost brings Act 1 in as a whole and just explains what they have been watching so far and that life is awful sometimes but that’s life, people are bad, people are good.

I like Tom’s second idea a lot, because it is a solo piece as he says, however I can see how this can be a great ensemble piece as it has a powerful message. For example the lyrics that Tom mentions in his presentation are the first lyrics that are sung in the song and it can give a great message that even though awful and bad things happen to good people, you still always have hope that it can get better. In the show it should be sung by saints and I think it should come after perhaps a very deep and hard hitting scene as the song is powerful, but has a more positive and light hearted meaning to it.

I think personally this last idea is a bit more of a “I like this song and want to sing it in the show” idea. I think the link to Saints and Sinners i a bit too weak and tenuous and because Tom already knows it and loves it, I think he was trying to find a reason to put it in the show,  but it hasn’t worked in my mind. It’s a nice song but doesn’t really have much to do with saints and sinners, the character is a doing a saintly thing but then the show may have to be about someone over coming an establishment, which doesn’t sound very interesting at all, especially compared to Scott’s idea of a night club.


Leah’s Ideas

Leah’s first idea sounds really cool, I think if we were to do it, it would need to be the entire show. I feel if we did it as a scene it may not make as much sense to the audience and because it does link so well to the title it wouldn’t get the justice it deserve. I like the idea of the good girl put in the school of evil and the dark goth girl put in the school of bad. The show would give such a strong message to the audience and show them, just because someone looks pretty doesn’t mean they’re a nice person on the inside and just because they look mean and unapproachable doesn’t mean they are.I think during the process of this as well that it would teach us all we should be so judging and that we should accept each other a lot more.

I quite like Leah’s idea I think it could work, however I think she needs to be clearer on the point of the song and dance that would go with it. So what it is representing to the audience in the show. Is it to show that just because one person thinks Esmerelda is evil, does that mean she is, or would she just focus on the fact that he loves her but he thinks its a sin to love her? I’m not sure what her angle is on this but if she progressed it a bit more I think it could be good. I do however like the idea that a girl may sing this song I think that’s different and it would need the key to be changed a lot, but it could work although you may need to change some lyrics.

Leah’s last idea was interesting I think the song on its own sung or as a monologue wouldn’t be enough though. I think she would need some dialogue or a scene to fit it into some kind of context. It could possibly link to Harry’s idea however because it’s about Mordred, King Arthur’s half sister, and Harry had an idea on the knights templar which could link to each other. I don’t think this is a very strong idea, but her other two are quite good and so they can still be considered and I think should be considered to be in the show.



One thought on “1a: Presentation of ideas”

  1. Sophia, you have reflected on the ideas of 7 of your peers and considered the strengths and weaknesses of them. I was delighted that you didn’t just list their ideas – well done. it would have been better if you had completed this work rather than naming Tom and then not finishing his and the others ideas.


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