20/03/17-25/03/17 Week 25

Monday 20th


So we started the lesson with Tap today instead of Jazz. I had a small migraine so I tried to do the lesson as much as possible I got through all of tap and drank loads of water, but by the time it got to Jazz my head was pounding and I had to sit out because it was just too painful. In Tap we went over shuffle time steps which I know by memory, pick up time steps which i now also know very well and we also went over close steps which I can now do quite fast. This is good because in our footloose routine we do a close step and it’s quick so at least I can do that now, however I would have had a couple of more months to do it anyway. Lastly Sarah showed us a new step which included two cramp rolls which came quickly one after the other. It was for the routine and Sarah wanted us to practise it a little so that we were more familiar with it, before we went through the routine. We started adding new parts to the routine but only minor things, like a staggered line instead of a straight one and then we also went over the new sequence we had learnt which was quite fast, but i am getting faster anyway with my techniques so it wasn’t that hard.


I did not partake in Jazz and so I watched the new steps that Sarah also included. It looked really hard as it was more acro styled choreography and I am worried I won’t be able to do it. However if I really focus on my upper body strength then I should be okay as it involves doing a type of handstand. I also videoed the routine for everyone so they could look at it.

Here is the routine.


Tuesday 21st


Today we didn’t have Paul and so instead we had Han. She went through who had sent their emails to Lynn and me, Sian and Tom had and Jess and Sian were doing it in that lesson. Han also wanted to know what we had written to Lynn so here is a copy of my email:

Chastity and lust:
Are lesbians- chastity likes lust but knows it is a sin- there are a couple of monologues we could use from unbearable hotness as Marisa and her friend realise they like each other during the play.
Abstinence and Gluttony:
Abstinence leads an ensemble hymn=firm foundation
This is to try and convert gluttony, there could be a small scene at the beginning where abstinence tries to convince gluttony to be like them e.g. Don’t need to drink alcohol or have sex but obviously people will agree with gluttony because that life is more fun.
Finally with the dinner date idea
 Charity and greed/diligence and laziness/patience and anger/kindness and envy
Charity and greed- get their meals but they are very small so greed starts to complain but charity tries to argue or remind greed that at least they’re lucky to have food
Diligence and laziness-mother and son? Or husband and wife? Complain that they never do anything with their lives/relationship
Patience and anger- waiting for their food and anger is getting frustrated
Kindness and envy- possibly be jealous of kindness’s meal because it looks so much better
These are my ideas for the show I hope you like them! 
Love Sophia xx


Now we are just waiting for everyone else so we can do task 2 and actually know what groups we will be in. I also just carried on with my word press and fixed the little issues with my action plan and proposal that I forget to do. They were only small things though like forgetting to delete some of the red writing and explaining the theme a bit more.


Ballet was great today, however Helena still hasn’t been observed so we had to think about targets to aim for in the lesson. My target was the same again which was to keep my supporting leg straight. I never change it, because we always do new things in each lesson and so I need to keep focusing on it when we do new techniques. For example we did some barre work but it was newer stuff like fuetté turns and we did a sequence which involved glissés. These challenged me as you need to keep your supporting leg straight and so having the target on the board kept reminding mw to do all of this.


Wednesday 22nd

Today in our commission lesson we were split into three groups. The first group were people who hadn’t finished their action plan and proposal, which was only focused at a couple of people. Then anyone who wanted to try and find a photo and write a blurb for the Saints and Sinners show to put in the programme. Lastly anyone else left was then used to discuss what type of nightclub it would be. i was in the group to discuss the night club and what theme it would be. We discussed that it could be a cabaret type club because then that would give us an excuse to perform instead of being like a musical where you just burst into song for no reason. Which we will do partly as well, but for some things like the group numbers technically they don’t need to be there because its unrealistic and so they can be performances at the club.

This is part one of our ideas.


This is part 2 which is our final conclusion, it also includes added input from Josh and Harry who were not in the previous video.


Thursday 23rd


So today in acting we went over to e.o44 to look at the ideas on the sticky notes that the actors did on Wednesday. Here is what the actors did:

first ideas saints and sinners   newest ideas on board s+s

So we looked at it and organised it a bit more.

Pink is anything on there to do with acting e.g. monologues, blue is for all the songs and purple is anything to do with dance. The mixed colours are combinations of the these three groups.

The dancers were in there with us as well and we all had discussions on each post it note, because some we don’t like and don’t really have a story that could be featured in the show and so they still need to be chucked or put aside. However this helped Lynn a lot and it makes her life easier to put a show together.




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