27/03/17-31/03/17 Week 26


Monday 27th

Today I was seriously ill with a migraine. I tried to join in with Tap as we started that first, but I was just in too much pain. I stayed for the next lesson as it as our commission lesson and we were getting told what we would be doing in Act 1 of the show.



These two videos contain what we will be doing so far in the show. The first one cut out and so I had to start another video, however I was not entirely sure when the video stopped and so I know I missed some of Josh’s part which was about a piece from a play called Man of the Moment by Alan Ayckbourn. Thankfully I barely missed any information about Josh’s piece so that was lucky.

After all of this I was sent home. because this is my third migraine in a week I have an appointment booked in with the opticians to get my eyes tested to see what the problem is.


Tuesday 28th

Today was an interview day and so unless I was helping out or were doing photos or English I didn’t need to come in and so I didn’t. However during the day there were still posts of people commenting and showing their blurbs and logo designs. Here are the ideas from our saints and sinners page.

lous blurb and poster idea

This was Lou’s Idea she came up with the first blurb and picture. Then other peoples ideas seemed to be inspired by this. The blurb is alright, but I feel like the blurb doesn’t really represent what the show is about. However this was created before we even knew what pieces we would be doing. I like the flames in the picture, but I feel like we shouldn’t be representing all saints as religious because you don’t need to believe in anything to be a saint.









This is Beth’s blurb ad the comments she got from it. I prefer this one a bit more to Lou’s, but they are not dissimilar to each other. I still feel that it needs to flow more and I don’t think we even need to state that this is our final major project, because most of the audience will know anyway as they will be members of our family and friends.


Thursday 30th


Today in Erica’s lesson we spoke about the tasks we had to do, mainly the research part though. We were just a bit unclear as to what we needed to include, however she suggested that we should go to a computer room and then she could show us the grading platforms and what we needed to do to reach a merit or a distinction. It definitely helped me as I knew what things I needed to include i.e basically everything we do from now on, but I didn’t know where to start. Before we went to the computer room we spoke a bit about what has been happening so far with the show. We also felt like we hadn’t had a direct link to communication as we don’t have Lynn which isn’t an issue, but then it would help if the actors would talk to us more about what was happening instead of putting a paragraph about something on Facebook for us to read. I like to be organised and in control more of a situation and because of this I felt like we were being shoved to the side as we had no discussions with the actors and since they have the biggest class they outnumber all of us by far. This wasn’t the case but that is how I personally felt and I know some of the dancers and fellow musical theatre students were getting a bit frustrated as well. However because of this situation, people have been chosen to take the lead on communication in each group so that we’re all following each other. For the actors they have Beth, the technical team chose Leah, the dancers chose Chloe and myself and Scott have put ourselves forward as communicators together. This is because with our last show me and Scott did take the lead a lot and since we are both not in Bonnie and Clyde we have more time to do the work and organise things to do. As well as this I have also put myself up as a co writer to help write a lot of material for the show as there is a lot of little dialogue in between pieces and so we need to make sure it helps the story flow as well and that it’s not just a guy narrating everything that happens. I also loved writing and realised during theatre in education I am good at it and so I have wanted to carry on with this.


One thought on “27/03/17-31/03/17 Week 26”

  1. Description and record of parts of the process but little analysis or evaluation of any implications of this. No consideration of own role in act 1, whether this is agreeable, challenging, exciting, dreaded etc.
    Some planning evidence to do with lines of communication across the various specialist pathways.
    Evidence of problem solving – taking on the role of co-script-writer and lead person for MT pathway because not committed to Bonnie & Clyde show.


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