Task 2: First initial ideas

My first ideas as I have previously discussed were a dance routine which featured the saints and sinners having a battle and this would be done by physical theatre and, lyrical and street dance. I got the idea of a dance battle from a scene from a programme I used to watch which is called Wizard’s of Waverly Place. The battle was between the wizards as they had to try and defeat the zombies that invaded their school dance.

From 20 seconds onward is the actual dance, at the end they all do the same routine together which I thought could be a good idea so that it isn’t clear who really won the battle.

I also thought about the step films, street dance 3D and even Magic Mike where these all feature dance battles as well and mainly in a hip hop/street dance style. I also got the lyrical and physical theatre idea from our Jazz lessons as we’re doing a scary lyrical routine to Bring Me To Life.  I thought the contrast would be good and it can show some serious “fighting” in an eerily beautiful way and then finishing with the street dance would give a big impact on the audience as it would be a finale.


My next idea was the spotlight game idea which I expanded more for Lynn. Here is the email I sent to her regarding my first thoughts on what should be included in the show including a more in depth explanation on how I would want the spotlight game to be carried out and performed.  The spotlight/dinner date idea is the last idea, the other two are new ideas I have thought about using the 7 sins and 7 virtues to start some kind of story line for the show.

Chastity and lust:
Are lesbians- chastity likes lust but knows it is a sin- there are a couple of monologues we could use from unbearable hotness as Marissa and her friend realise they like each other during the play.
Abstinence and Gluttony:
Abstinence leads an ensemble hymn=firm foundation
This is to try and convert gluttony, there could be a small scene at the beginning where abstinence tries to convince gluttony to be like them e.g. Don’t need to drink alcohol or have sex but obviously people will agree with gluttony because that life is more fun.
Finally with the dinner date idea
 Charity and greed/diligence and laziness/patience and anger/kindness and envy
Charity and greed- get their meals but they are very small so greed starts to complain but charity tries to argue or remind greed that at least they’re lucky to have food
Diligence and laziness-mother and son? Or husband and wife? Complain that they never do anything with their lives/relationship
Patience and anger- waiting for their food and anger is getting frustrated
Kindness and envy- possibly be jealous of kindness’s meal because it looks so much better
These are my ideas for the show I hope you like them!
My last idea was inspired by the year 1s show Inspired By Film. There was a scene which was from the Theory Of Everything where Thalia narrated a piece she wrote which was from the point of view of Stephen Hawking’s wife. Whilst this was happening Ryan and Sophia did a beautiful dance routine to visually show what was happening as Thalia spoke.  Here are some photos of the dance.


My idea was to have a scene where a saint and a sinner were confessing their undying love and then two more singers would represent the lovers and sing a song which would dip in and out of the scene, instead of a dance it would be a song and instead of one monologue it could be a scene or even a dualogue. I thought Disney songs would be good for this as of course Disney is great at romance, however I also looked at songs from musicals as they are both great at explaining an emotion or a feeling. These are the songs I looked at.
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight from Lion King

The song starts at 35 seconds onwards.

  • Love Is An Open Door from Frozen

The song starts at 34 seconds onwards.


  • As Long As You’re Mine from Wicked


  • Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame. I started looking at darker songs, because I thought about the relationship and it could be a love hate relationship or even just a solid hateful one and so Hellfire and another song would be good for this.


  • What Is This Feeling Also from Wicked


  • Once Upon a December from Anastasia. Finally I also thought about a sad love story instead of a hateful or happy one. This song is about how Anastasia has lost her family and she is trying to remember them, because she is all alone.



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2 thoughts on “Task 2: First initial ideas”

  1. Sophia, this section seems incomplete – for your last section you reference some images which are not visible and also Disney songs which are not listed. You do not have a bibliography and this is a requirement. For the higher grades you need to do this using the Harvard system of referencing. Please complete this work and add the bibliography.


  2. You have tweaked this now to take on some of the things I pointed out to you. Please be aware that although you are now referencing your research sources you haven’t quite got the Harvard style of referencing correct.


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