18/04/17-21/04/17 Week 27

sophias-action-plan from the 8th week

This is my newest update of my action plan, all the writing in blue is the new things that have changed from my original action plan.

Tuesday 18th


Today was our first day back to college after half term, and we didn’t have Paul but we decided to just carry on doing more work and I worked on my presentation which was for our commission lesson on Wednesday. The presentation is a quick one to just show each other and tell the tutors what have done and what we still need to do. I have looked at my solo but still need to talk to Paul about a version that is in my key, Me and Jess have also discussed our duet and we know exactly what we are doing for that, Emma still needs to talk to us about Bring On The Men as she hasn’t told us about what she wants to do clearly yet and finally I need to talk to Jack about the script as we haven’t really started it yet.


In our lesson we had to put two challenges up one was a target for us to focus on at the barre and the other was for our routine. My target for the barre was to keep my supporting leg straight as that is just a continuing thing that I need to think about and because I then focus on this it then helps me improve and strengthens my legs as well. My target for the dance was to try and keep my balance, because I have a few parts which are on my tip toes and I need to not wobble so much. We also had a bit of trouble remembering the next part of the routine that we do all together so we went through it a couple of times with Helena and again without her. However we didn’t want to forget again so I have videoed it whilst Faye did it and put it up on YouTube as well as creating a group chat so everyone could access it as well.

Wednesday 19th

Today we had our presentations I will do a separate page on my thoughts on this as well as showing the video evidence however this is a link to my PowerPoint that I created and used.

Progress So Far presentation

Thursday 20th

I had a meeting with Jack after employability and we started really looking at the script and how we need to start it properly. Emma joined us to help and I wrote down the details of her character so that we could create contrasts between the three waitresses. Beth also wants to help us write it which is great and I have put a message up on the Saints and Sinners page to ask people to send the details of their performance and some starting and ending dialogue for each piece so that we have something g to work with. We also have asked that if anyone wanted to create some dialogue for their own piece that is welcome as well, because it gives us ideas and could fit into the show as well.

(I will post photos of the notes I have written down)

We also had a meeting with all of our year because the tutors wanted us to use this session to work in our groups to keep rehearsing. Me and Jess went in a corner and started learning the lyrics and split the songs into sections to make it more interesting. This session really helped because before this we hadn’t had many opportunities to meet up.

Friday 21st

We had a whole cast meeting today because the tech students wanted to talk to us about marketing and set, I have videoed both of these meetings.

The video below is about set design and layout.


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