24/04/17-28/04/17 Week 28

Monday 24th


We only had a quick warm up today, because Sarah wanted to carry on with the Bring Me to Life dance. It went really well and I’m starting to be able to do the harder steps as well. So I think we will definitely be finished in time for the dance show with extra time for rehearsals as well.



We found out we couldn’t use the steel deck for the dance show as it would take too long to set up and set down. However we had planned to do a lot of our tap dance on it, especially at the beginning. Sarah decided that we use actual chairs but not for tapping on, instead we would add in a leap frog sequence. I can and never have been able to leap frog and I would try but I feel that standing on a chair and jumping over someone in tap shoes wouldn’t be the safest way to see if i can do it. Instead I will be one of the people that gets jumped over, however I’m tall and will need to crouch as I was hit in the head whilst practising with Jess. We went through the part of the dance again slowly just to clean it all before we moved on to new bits, also not everyone was there and so as long as we knew what we were doing then we could help the others.


Wednesday 26th

Today we carried on writing the script. We had finished Act 1 on the previous Friday  and so we thought we would start Act 2, however Jack already started writing it and so we picked different parts to write about instead of doing it all together. This was good, but we did lack a lot of communication and I didn’t feel like we were working as much of a team, because we weren’t discussing ideas, but it’s still getting written and is progressing so that is the important thing.


Thursday 27th


Erica thought it would be a good idea to look at our individual characters to work on them. However some of us had many little characters and not a character that was relevant through the entirety of the show. At this point I was unaware if I would be a lesbian during the entire show or not, because I didn’t know what I would be doing in act 2 as not much of it was written yet. I  was also in a dance about boys which then didn’t make sense if I was a lesbian. However Faye is also in the dance and she is my girlfriend in the show and so we could just be dancers as well when we are on stage, but because I will be wearing different outfits and my hair will also be different this will hopefully be clear to the audience that we are multi rolling. Tom also will be multi rolling, because he starts off as the guitarist and then for most of the show is a posh boy but still changes back occasionally to play the guitar for another song. The entire script should be finished this weekend though, so then I will be able to build up my character as I will know what I will be doing more, because I also have another scene later as the lesbian again with Jess, so I will be back in my original outfit and then that will definitely show the audience I have been changing into different people .

Friday 28th

We were given the opportunity today to go and see Twelth Night at the cinema which was a recording from the original showing at the National Theatre. It was very good and hilarious. However we spent most of our day there and so not much work was done.


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