01/05/17-05/05/17 Week 29

Monday 1st

We had a bank holiday Monday today and so I spent most of the day going through my solo and my duet. It was all good and I know what I need to do when I get to college. I’m going to find a version of my solo Nothings Gonna Harm You in the key I need it in which is E flat and to have a discussion with the tech students to tell them when it will need to be turned down as I will not be singing the entire song. This is because the lyrics become irrelevant further on and so it doesn’t fit the context. For my duet with Jess we are singing Apples by Phillipa Hanna, we both know it and have rehearsed it a few times, it fits well we just need a reason in the script for why we sing it because our characters aren’t connected. I also went through the choreography of Bring On The Men, we haven’t finished it but there isn’t much more left to create so that will be okay. However we still haven’t sung through it yet which I think we need to do just to make sure there are harmonies and everyone is in tune.

Tuesday 2nd

We didn’t have singing today. Instead we had a showing of our pieces. This is because Lynn and Helena hadn’t actually seen what we had been up to and I think it gave them some reassurance when they saw what we have been up to. It was also a great opportunity to read through the script as it had been finished and not all of us had read it.  I have written another page entirely on this presentation which will be on U12  Saints and Sinners.


In ballet we didn’t do any barre work today because Helena wanted to carry on with the routine. We changed a part in the middle of the dance, because we had to stay in one position for a long time and so Helena added a small sequence before that to use up some of the spare time. It also helped us to not move downstage as much and this made it easier for Scott and Jess because then they didn’t have to travel as far downstage to reach us. One thing I need to work on is just being graceful in general and taking my time as I rush the steps slightly and then I’ll lose balance other wise I’m waiting for the other girls so I can catch up again.


Friday 5th

We had a scheduled singing lesson with Bethany today just for Poisoned Apples. It was hard because there is no sheet music anywhere online and so Bethany just had to sit and listen to Tom whilst he played. After becoming familiar with it, she helped us with creating some harmonies. I stayed on the tune and Jess went higher up the scale it sounded great, but I’m having trouble pitching my harmony and blocking out Jess, because I can’t focus on it and therefore can’t sing it. It will just take some time and they aren’t difficult harmonies, but I think singing louder will help me as well, because then I can hear what I am also singing. Unfortunately Tom still couldn’t figure out my solo bit and so we had to scrap it, I really liked it because it complimented my voice and I could show it off a bit but as Lynn says we must kill our darlings sometimes. My new solo is now the second verse, I need to get used to the tempo because in some parts I can take my time, where as in some lines I need to speed up, but it does have a really odd pace. With more practise I will definitely be able to do this, but I need to focus more on learning the harmonies as they are much harder to pitch and sing for me.



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