Work in progress showing 02/05/17

We spent most of the morning today looking at each others work and how much we have done. This was mainly for our benefit and the tutors to see what we had all done as none of us really knew. Beth, Emma and Jack also finished the last bit of the script over the weekend and so we all read through it together showing each act in the parts where they would be. This is part 1.

(The first video in this playlist is our characters identification for the video)

This is part 2.

The first performance of the show is Saint Jimmy which is performed by Jack who is called Jimmy. He unfortunately couldn’t perform it because his voice was sore and the number does demand a lot of energy and a strong voice. However I can vouch for Jack as I have seen him and the waitresses practising and blocking the choreography so I know they have been progressing.

The next song was between Sian and Tom. In the script she Sian performs it because she is doing a mic test so even though it is on stage it is technically not an act. She seemed a bit reluctant to perform it, however apart from being uncertain on some of the lyrics I think she did a good job. Maybe if she was a bit louder, however a microphone will help with that and when she is more confident as well.

There was only one dancer for Charlie’s Angel’s and not much choreography had been done, however it is hard to choreograph something when your team aren’t there but I’m sure they will be able to get it done.

Chloe has worked really well on her solo, you can clearly see she has been practising it and has learnt the entire thing off by heart. She had no blocking but she does say she has timed the dialogue part to walking down the stairs and she plans to sit on customers laps, which is hard to do when there isn’t anyone around you.

Zoe was unfortunately present and so it was hard to do the duet and Faye has to keep changing it, because Zoe doesn’t like some of it so they will have to compromise on certain parts of the dance as there isn’t enough time to waste. However Jess did sing the song so we know what they will be dancing to and I think the lyrics and the tempo fit the context well.

My solo was next and I have learnt it, however because it is originally a tenor song I have been working with Birgitta and Bethany and they have decided that if the key is changed to an E flat then it will be in my range. I have also spoken to Paul about finding a version and he has sent me a link to buy a recording in the right key.

The boys haven’t sorted out their hymn yet and they have obviously had a discussion and suggested that they wanted to do the national anthem instead which could be a good idea, however some people can get very offended from this as it is being used in a comical way. So Lynn suggested they should definitely not do this and actually stick with the original song that they were meant to do in the first place.

Hannah’s Joan of Arc monologue was good, I’m not sure what it is completely about however it is an act on stage so it doesn’t need to fit the context of the show. She has also learned it off book so she is ready and prepared which is great, maybe she could look at a little blocking although it isn’t necessary.

The boys have definitely been working on their posh scripts, however they just need to be off book now and also make sure they don’t speak over each other. Other than that I think the scene is great and will really show the audience what the posh boys are like and why we all hate them.

We have nearly finished Bring On The Men, however we haven’t had Vicky for the rehearsal and this presentation so I hope the dancers have taught it to her. We also do need to finish it, but there is only 8 beats left which is not much to fill and we have organised a day to finish the dance off.

The melodrama is so funny! I think the people in it will be great as it has a lot of comedy in it and gives the story line a bit of lightheartedness considering its mainly filled with an affair and stuck up posh boys. I know that Emma still wanted to work on it more, but they definitely have a great part so far.

The Shopping and F***ing scene was good I love Hannah’ character I think she is really funny and she plays her well. I also agree with the comment made though that maybe Sian should input more and her inputs could be more lively as I feel like she would find this funnier if it was a real situation.

Man Of The Moment was a very funny monologue. I was under the impression though that Josh was meant to be the most boring man in the world, but when I think of boring I think of a monotonous voice and very little facial expressions. However Josh seemed too sprightly and too involved which doesn’t seem boring at all. I also think Leah could back away from Josh a bit more as realistically a reporter/journalist wouldn’t get that close to someone they had met on the street and were interviewing.

Talking to terrorists hasn’t been finished, however it does sound like they have a difficult task and Daytona wants to give more lines to James to make it fair but I think there are some problems with the script. I’m sure with Lynn’s help they will get it sorted.

Beth and Tom have clearly rehearsed this scene many times and they both did really well, I like how they have managed to fit the concept of dog fight in so that the song fits the context of the scene and show.

Josh’s Mr Sloane speech as a comedian was different. I was expecting a comedian as that is what he is, but he wasn’t funny. With the monologue I know it must be hard, but he started out with little pauses and facial expressions which made him seem creepy but funny, but that seemed to stop as soon as it started. Then it just got scary and weird and if it’s weird he could really play on that and make it hilarious. I think he needs to decide what he wants to do with the piece, because you can’t start off funny and then not do anything else. Also it made me then question why he was on stage and why he was being allowed to say all of these things because it wasn’t entertaining to the audience and surely wouldn’t be good business for the club?

Take me to church was not shown at the same time as our session, but I’m glad that they filmed it so we could see what they have been doing. I can’t remember the context of the dance and whether it is on or off stage, but I know it is linked to mine and Faye’s  lesbian relationship. However it is good choreography and is in time I think they have done very well.


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