Task 3: Bring On The Men Progression

Thursday 27th April

We have started the dance routine to the version on Youtube that we have all been listening to. We haven’t run through the song with the singers yet, but we have only just started. This won’t be the exact version we will be using, however I think it will be very similar but just an instrumental version. That’s the impression we have anyway of what the song will be like.

Thursday 4th May

The dancers used this lesson to carry on with the routine. Myself and Jess were in acting, but we were allowed to leave so we could see and learn it. Since nearly all of us were there we carried on with the routine and only have 8 counts left which is great!

Friday 5th May

The singers for Bring On The Men had a session with Bethany today, we were unclear if we were meant to be there or not.However since we were only singing the last chorus and we all knew the song then we thought collectively as a group that it wouldn’t be beneficial to the dancers and only the singers. They also hadn’t had a chance to go through it with somebody like Bethany and so she helped them out with pitching and how they should perform the song.

Tuesday 9th May

It has been an extremely stressful day! We haven’t had any communication with the singers through out this entire process and they have just bought a backing track for the routine. This is all fine and well except it’s almost like a completely different song. If they were going to look at backing tracks they should have involved us so we could decide as a team what song to buy. This means they now have an issue because it’s much harder to sing and we need to re-choreograph the entire routine! Even after editing the song. The instrumental part wasn’t similar in any way and so that was instantly cut, luckily the next verse sounds like our original dance part it’s just a little bit longer. However we now having something that we can actually work with. Faye and Zoe have spent a lot of the season session this afternoon with Sarah to get some choreography sorted and thankfully we planned to meet up on Wednesday to practise anyway so we can start learning it and focus on that.

Wednesday 10th

The routine is slower, but there are some parts that Faye and Zoe haven’t changed and so I already know them which makes it easier for me to learn. However there are lots of slow hand movements in the beginning which I’ll just need to remember and I can take my time as well with the movements as like I said they’re quite slow. Although I quite like them because we’re meant to look sexy and this definitely helps us to be like that. Unfortunately only 1 out of the 3 singers were in college that day even though Beth came in later for Bonnie and Clyde she wasn’t available for this rehearsal. We asked Emma to sing although because the song is quite different she struggled a bit with timing, but Jess had been through it a few times and helped her sing through it a few times as we danced. Sadly she then had a lesson and even though it wasn’t a very long one she decided not to return to sing for us even though the practise would have helped her as well.


Thursday 11th

Emma and Lou were very helpful and videoed the new dance for us so that we could watch it and learn it. However Emma was unaware that she had videoed the entire dance routine in slow motion. This made it extremely difficult to watch and learn because it was just so slow. Lou apologised for this and has found out that she can speed it up which is great, however she also said she would post it up for us, but that hasn’t seemed to happen yet. Here is the slow motion video of the dance.


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