08/05/17-12/05/17 Week 30

Monday 8th


We started our lesson with Tap today instead of Jazz. I think this was because Sarah wanted to get through it as we’re very close to the end now. We didn’t do anything new we just went over what we knew a few times. Unfortunately Sian hasn’t been here for a few lessons, but she did used to do tap so i’m sure she will pick it up quickly. I was happy we did this as I was unsure about the newest bit we learned and it was helpful to me to go through it. There is a part however that I keep forgetting I have to quickly bob down so that Faye can swing her leg over my head, I need to make sure I do this otherwise I might get kicked in the face.


Our Jazz session was very quick and we were already warmed up from tap so we didn’t do one. It was cut short because the BBC were coming in to interview some of the students and they wanted it in the dance studio which also meant they wanted footage of dancers. It was annoying that it was cut short because we had progressed a little bit in our Bring Me To Life song, but I can’t quite remember it all because it was a little rushed. Sarah remembers it which is good, because I don’t think it was filmed either. I didn’t mind that the BBC did come in, but they didn’t benefit me in anyway and we had to finish early because of them as well.

Tuesday 9th


We only had half a lesson of ballet today as we had asked to use the remaining 45 minutes to try and do our Bring On The Men dance to the new song to see what would fit and what wouldn’t. We didn’t get the bars out because it would waste time and so we did our exercises without one. I thought I would find the balancing part quite difficult, however I only wobbled occasionally, but when we started doing glissés it proved to be more challenging. However this helped me to remember to pull up and engage more core so that it wouldn’t be too hard, I still prefer to place one hand on something though. We then went through the ballet dance, because we had a circle part which needed to be fixed and Vicky wasn’t here so we taught her a newer part so we could use up some of the music. We still went in a circle but then did little jumps around until I ended up at the back and Zoe ended up at the front.

We then played Bring On The Men a few times as we were not familiar with the new version. Our routine was a few beats faster than the new song and so we weren’t used to doing it so slow. We then asked Emma and Beth to come in and try and sing it, except they themselves were not used to the new song. The rehearsal was a complete failure and I feel like we are more behind now even though we were doing really well before. We have organised to meet tomorrow and to create something, however I know Faye,and possibly Zoe and Chloe were going to try to start something tonight as they have dance company and they can have help from Sarah as well.

Wednesday 10th

Jess, Tom and myself went through poisoned apple a few times as there are new harmonies and I’m just finding it hard to concentrate on my part. Tom also gave me some advice to stop going flat sometimes, which was to smile but genuinely smile and not a fake one. This helped a lot and going through it a few times I have been able to do the harmonies more, in the second chorus I know them well but it’s always the first one I struggle to focus on them even though they’re the same notes. I just need to keep going over them and I will eventually be able to remember them when the show comes round.

This afternoon we were shown the new dance for Bring On The Men. Some parts were thankfully the same but just slowed down which was good because I already knew those bits. However there is a lot of differences, but they are quite simple and some consist of hand gestures. We also videoed this so that we could go and learn it whilst we were at home to get ready for the run through on Friday.

Thursday 11th

Lou posted the video for Bring On The Men, however it was in slow motion and so was nearly impossible to use. It would take a lot of patience and time to watch the video and learn the steps that I didn’t know. I didn’t see this video until 10pm because I was at work for most of the evening, however Lou was going to speed up the video and repost it, but we are still waiting for her to post the new one up. This video below is the slow motion version, so that you can understand how it was very difficult to work with.

Friday 12th

We did a run through this morning it had a few hiccups and we were missing Daytona, but it did give us a clear indication of what to expect in the show, the dialogue we will need to add and a rough idea of the duration of the show. I have made a separate page for this so that I can talk about it in more detail. It is on the saints and sinners tab.


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