Task 3: Poisoned Apple

20th April

Today Jess and I used the acting lesson to go through the song and start learning it, we also split the song into sections which will make it more interesting to listen to. We have also started thinking about harmonies, but for now we will just stick to memorising the song. Unfortunately there isn’t any sheet music anywhere for the song and so Tom will have to listen by ear to the track which is a pain. He did listen to us for a bit, but then left to go work on some of his other parts, because he couldn’t help us much at this point.

2nd May

We had a presentation session today and showed the tutors what we had been up to. This was because Lynn and Helena hadn’t seen anything yet and were curious as to what was going on and to also see that we weren’t slacking. Me and Jess had briefly made some harmonies, and Tom had learnt most of the song by now which was great so he played it with us. Unfortunately Jess didn’t sing the harmonies as maybe she forgot and so the tutors did make a comment about it. My solo part was also sung a capella as it was hard for Tom to hear what the chords were on the track, but I’m sure he will be able to play it before the show. We did have to use the lyric sheet however though because we are still unsure if the second verse will be in it and so we just needed to remind ourselves of the lyrics for that part and it was also nice to have for safety and just to reassure ourselves that we were singing the right lyrics.

5th May

They organised the singing list so that only year 2s were to have sessions, this was to help us have some support for our final major project. It was great for us to have Bethany as she helped to create some harmonies for Jess to sing. Annoyingly because it was really hard for Tom to try and play my solo Bethany suggested that we scrapped it, it was sad because I loved that part as it was the bridge of the song as well but like Lynn says you must kill your darlings. Bethany then suggested I sing the second verse instead and to make it more interesting she played a descant for Jess to sing over the top which will sound really cool! I struggled with the harmonies at first, and I even now I’m finding it hard to pitch, but I just need to keep going over it and just get it solidly in my head. I did feel like this was a difficult session for Bethany as well, because there is no sheet music anywhere for this song and so Tom had to learn it by ear which meant he had to be in the session and for some parts of it Bethany could just listen and give input as she wasn’t able to play anything. However she still helped us a lot even though she couldn’t go through the song with us step by step.

6th May

Jess knew how I was finding the harmony difficult and so she recorded herself playing the piano and singing so that I could learn it. She really is so helpful and a great person to work with! This is the video she sent to help me.


10th May

I’m really struggling with these harmonies. Even though I’m singing the tune I’m not used to hearing Jess sing something different and so it is putting me off and I can’t focus. Also because I’m worried about singing something wrong it is making me sing quietly and therefore I can’t hear that I’m going a bit flat. However Tom was really helpful and told me that if I smile naturally I instantly get a better sound. I tried this out and it helped me because then I was singing louder and of course brighter and it has helped me become a bit more confident with the song.


18th May

We finally got the Bonnie and Clyde cast back today and so Jess, Tom and I didn’t waste any time. We went into the theatre and rehearsed the song a few times. It went well and as proof I recorded it. I’m really confident now and Tom sings the harmony with me in the video, however I know them now so it’s more of a reassurance to hear him sing with me rather than helping me.




3 thoughts on “Task 3: Poisoned Apple”

  1. clear evidence of problem solving and some slight evaluation evidence, no evidence of research and it being used to help develop this piece


  2. Well because I only had one source of music as it is the only source of the song online anywhere, I just used that to help me become familiar with the song and it also helped me with any tuning issues. However Tom and Jess were really helpful with the pitching as well of the song as I had a few issues with it, because I am a bit nervous when it comes to singing and even though they were helping me I still felt like they were judging me. Of course this wasn’t true and thanks to them it went really well over all and it was my favourite act that I was in.


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