Task 3: Rebel (ensemble piece)

21st April

We had a long meeting about marketing and set with the cast and tech students. In this meeting we also started to mention Rebel as none of us have been thinking about it much even though Beth and Alex have both posted lyrics for people to learn it. I think in the very near future we need to have a session where everyone gets together and sings through it a few times and then once we are all familiar with it then we can start thinking about splitting sections and adding harmonies possibly.

5th May

We had a scheduled singing lesson today and so we got everyone together to go through Rebel. It didn’t start off that well, because a lot of us including me were getting more familiar with it and so it didn’t sound great. However once we were comfortable with it, Tom and Jess decided to split us into groups and give us a verse each. We were put into 4 groups and I was in one which mainly consisted of the dancers however we thought it would be cool to sing the ending in cannon and so we were put into three different groups at that point, this was also to make it more balanced so each group had strong and weak female singers and at least 2 males in each one as well. Here is a video of the rehearsal.


Show week

As a warm for our voices before the show started each night, we sang rebel the same way we had rehearsed it for both of our tech runs. It was a great way for some people to remember, I’m okay as I have a good memory and have a lot of singing experience since being at college, however some people don’t and so this really would have helped them out as well, so they wouldn’t forget what they were doing.


3 thoughts on “Task 3: Rebel (ensemble piece)”

  1. very little reflection and evaluation evident, more description and record of what happened
    slight evidence of planning and also of practical skills
    nothing to indicate why this song is included in the show, where it happens in the show or anything to help contextualise it other than it is for the full cast


    1. It wasn’t very difficult over all to put the rehearsals together and for them to be successful. This is because we had people like Tom, Jess and Beth who were all very serious about getting the finale number done and so they motivated people. It helped that they were patient as well for the more non experienced singers as I’m sure thye found it better, because they were quite outnumbered as many actors and musical theatre student even some of the dancers had done some shows that involved singing. I have more information on this song Rebel on the page called Task 2: Songs.


  2. 21st April- It was a successful meeting, but I’m worried about how no one has really thought about the ending song as it is important and if you listen to the lyrics it very clearly sums up the show. For example the chorus goes “I’m a saint, I’m a sinner, I’m the sky, I’m the dirt, I’m a human trying to figure out this place we call earth, I’m a leader, I’m a rebel with an unknown plan, I’m a believer trying to figure out who I am.”

    5th May- I think it was great that Jess and Tom did split us into groups, because it gave the weaker or non confident singers a chance to stand out and shine more instead of having the same people sing the entire song. I think it was good that we were put into more balanced groups for the canon part of the song as well, because we needed to sound strong for this part so that the audience could pick out what we were saying and therefore was nicer to listen to.

    Show week- I think it was a really helpful idea to use rebel as a warm up song, especially because it isn’t demanding like a ballad. It’s easy to sing and gently exercised our voices, and like I said it was also useful to the people who aren’t used to singing often as it helped them remember what they were doing before the show.


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