15/05/17-19/05/17 Week 31

Monday 15th

Bonnie and Clyde tech and dress runs are happening this week and so we are off timetable. We wrote out a schedule of what we will be doing for the next three days. I didn’t have much to finish other than just practising the things I already know. Instead I spent a lot of Monday doing my work on WordPress so that I could do more and improve some of my pages.

Tuesday 16th

In the morning Faye and I decided we should meet and work out the blocking for my solo as we improvised it last time and need something definite. It didn’t take forever as the song is slow and I am only singing just over a minute of it, because the lyrics after that aren’t necessary to the context of the show or the reason as to why I am singing it. We thought that since Faye will be on the floor I could stay with her and then I help her up, but then she turns to walk away and at this point in the song I’m convincing her that I am there for her then we hug and I hold her hands and that ends the song. I think we will hug after this, however Lynn or another tutor may suggest we kiss and that is fine if it helps the piece seem more realistic, but I feel that just because there are lesbians it doesn’t mean that there has to be some sort of make out session and like I said I do not mind if I have to do that as I have done it in a past performance at Conservatoire East.

Thursday 18th

We finally got the Bonnie and Clyde cast back today and so Jess, Tom and I didn’t waste any time. We went into the theatre and rehearsed the song a few times. It went well and as proof I recorded it. I’m really confident now and Tom sings the harmony with me in the video, however I know them now so it’s more of a reassurance to hear him sing with me rather than helping me.

Lynn also had a chat with me, because the tutors had decided that she would not be in the final major project. So Lynn asked me to be in the melodrama instead as they needed someone to fill the slot. I was very honoured that I was asked this and


Friday 19th

Today we did


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