22/05/17-26/05/17 Week 32

Monday 22nd

So this morning we had a discussion on the landscape of the show, I have however written a page on this in more detail, but here is the video of our discussion.

I was also very busy through out the day as we had organised to do some work on the Bring On The Men dance with Helena and after that I was then going to work on the Melodrama with Lynn.

Working with Helena was really great as we went through every single step to make sure we all knew what arm to put up at the same time and to see what leg we needed to straighten. I thought it was great that she was there and she really helped clear all the little details up so we were all clear on what we were doing and it just made the whole routine look slick and neat and better. Rather than it looking like we don’t know what we’re doing, which we do, but it just didn’t look it.

Annoyingly I had to leave before we finished because I was meant to go and work with Lynn, Leah and James and so I had to go. However working with Lynn was again very helpful and so good for me. She even went over our lines occasionally and say it like a drunk person which was great especially because I couldn’t figure out how to say my lines like one. I felt like we had a really productive session and we also added in bits of adlib just to add to the comedy factor, like moving James to the right place and agreeing with him when he mentioned Joey Essex.

Tuesday 23rd

We had to face an issue this morning which was very unfortunate. Due to the bombings last night in Manchester we have all decided that as respect to the people and because it would be best for the show we have cut one of our pieces which is called Talking to Terrorists. It is not completely the same as the duologue is about an IRA bomber trying to justify his actions, however the bomber last night doesn’t even have a right to do that. We also discussed that because the audience don’t know the process of the show and how we have put it together they might even think we have put this piece in the show because of last nights events which obviously isn’t true but they don’t know that. I know Lynn is now trying to find an alternative to replace it for Lou and James but we all mutually agreed that Talking to Terrorists needs to go.

We had our tech run today. as well It wasn’t really that bad, because it was mainly about the lighting and cue lines and where we stood on stage, so some of use only started our piece and then went to the end line. This did speed up the tech run a lot and it was a productive day.

Wednesday 24th

Before the dress run today myself, Faye and Lynn all had a little session to go through some blocking for my solo. My blocking didn’t really give out the kind of loving and supportive message I was trying to sing as it was just a bit too cheesy. So Lynn went through it and gave me some ideas of what to do. I actually really like what she has suggested and it’s so much better than what I was thinking and yet it’s so simple but of course effective. I went through it as many times as I wanted to make sure it was all stuck in my head ready for tonight, but thankfully I also had the dress run later to practise it on the stage I will actually be doing it on, which also helped me remember it even more.

Our dress run was interesting as we were still practising with the purple chairs in Bring On The Men but other than the singing the routine went well, however we have been told we need to use our faces more and to have fun with it because then we will look like cheeky sassy cabaret dancers. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Jordan or Lucy about the timings of my solo, so it didn’t go well with timing wise but that is completely my fault and when we had a break I had a discussion with them about it, so they are aware for tonight’s show. After today I am looking forward to the show and I feel so ready.

This is a video of Act 1 of our dress run from today.

These are also Lynn’s notes from the tech and dress run as well:


Lynn’s notes after tech rehearsal 23rd May:

Waitresses – your formation was a bit off centre for the H&S announcement.

Sian can you make, ‘and it’s rude’ a bit more cheeky rather than headmistress?

St Jimmy – waitresses can you stay more central in in more of a definite formation for your bits of the song – we lost both Emma and Sian behind the bar and Beth looked a bit lost and alone!

FX – Jordan, can you make sure the track goes very low in the middle when Jack is doing the introduction – it’s vital that we hear him.

Jack – you missed ‘just like chocolate’ I think?

EVERYONE – make sure your volume is MASSIVE especially if you follow an amplified song.

Sian – watch out for your default folded arms.

Props – can we get James a newspaper please? (Staff room has them)

Vicky – it seemed there were bits of Charlie’s Angels you didn’t know…

POSH boys – when the change of music comes in Charlie’s Angels, can you give us a bit of reaction to cover the shift in energy.

Tom – remember to make a grab for Chloe as she passes – it’s why Jimmy tells you off.

Waitress scene after Jimmy’s telling off, bring it more central – don’t cling to the bar.

Sophia L – ask me about the ‘face-hiding’ position.

Well done James and Lou and tech for coping with the new bit

POSH boys – listen out for the empty couple of musical bars during BOTM – and give a bit of raucous filler.

Don’t forget to keep the action STILL behind Jess’s second dance in Hellfire.

Sian & Tom, the flirting over the announcement and guitar twiddling after Hellfire is lovely but needs to stop once the ‘guitarist’ is announced.

Remember EVERYONE Tom is going to play ‘Hallelujah and I Love Her So’ before ‘Poisoned Apple’.

Tom – remember NOT to focus on Jess and Sophia.

Beth – are you going to start the Katherine speech at ‘Alas’?

Zoe – can you be either Tiffany or in your BOTM costume for the final song.

Faye and Sophia, can you hold hands for the final song please.


Thursday 25th

Before the dress run the tech students got the real chairs in that we would be using for Bring On The Men and so they kindly let us get used to them and practised with them before we started our dress run.
Today we had a proper dress run, here are the videos:
(add videos from facebook)

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