Task 3: Marketing

To start off the marketing some of us designed some logos as we needed one for the brochure and for the theatre royal website. Jack’s idea was really cool, here is a picture of it.


Here are the responses Jack got back from the photo.


All really positive, because it is a really cool idea, however I do agree with Lynn about the gender tails and whether they’re necessary. Although Jack did mention as well in the comments that it works without, so he is very willing to get rid of them if he needs to.

Leah then computerised these on her computer and really bought them to life. Here are all the logos submitted.

17342888_1753695217975225_6534264484525007201_n   17457688_1753695197975227_5772763475825505065_n  The first one had no comments on it unfortunately, but I thought that the flames were just a bit too much and made it seem like a bar in hell and so you would expect to see criminals and the devil, which isn’t what this show is about at all.

18986271_221864534985949_1382507642_o  These comments are about the second picture without the flames. I agree with them and this is one of my favourites.

17457665_1753695191308561_4775755168242089395_n This logo was pretty cool and was still quite nice and simple. However it gives a clear representation of Saints and Sinners as angels and devils, which would then give the wrong impression to the audience.

18947290_221871664985236_1368944248_o  After looking at these responses these seem to be everyone’s favourite logo. I am stuck between this one and Jacks one, as they could both be really effective but this one does look more like an actual logo.



I didn’t really understand this one, it was cool but was a bit odd to have weird lines coming out of the “I’s” and in the picture which is glowing more they remind me of lightsabers. However other people seemed to like them.

18949012_221878311651238_571171897_o (1) Like I said this seemed to be popular with people, however I never noticed the “H” that lines created which is actually quite clever. However if I didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out, then how will we know that the audience and people we are trying to market to will know that it’s also meant to be an “H”.


This was Daytona’s drawing that she did and because Leah is so talented she again created it on her laptop and gave us a life like version. I like this because it combines Jack’s idea with added details that Daytona has come up with. It is great, but I feel like it’s a bit big to be a logo, it could be cool as an actual sign however though for the actual club.

17553426_1503510422993448_314784836748306409_n This was Beth’s entry, I quite like it and its a good representation for a logo, but I feel like it could be seen at the top of possibly a menu in a restaurant. However this post got the most feedback on.


Daytona also said a similar thing about using it for a drinks menu as well and I like Lynn’s suggestion about having it projected on a backdrop.

18341819_1399218733503134_1715699127240676485_n  Leah created a version of what the drinks menu would look like using Beth’s logo idea and just as I thought it looked good for a menu.

Now on to the trailers. We first discussed having a trailer which featured the characters in an interview kind of style. So that the audience could get to know some of the people they would be seeing, however it featured a lot of the waitresses and Jimmy which was fine but maybe it needed to be more balanced. Also the video was quite long and didn’t really have information on the actual show like dates and ticket prices etc, also people can’t really be bothered to watch something longer than 3 minutes and since this was 8 minutes long you can see it may be tedious to watch if you didn’t care much. This is the video.


Lynn didn’t like it as a trailer, but for a promotion video it was great. So Harry took to the challenge and decided to work with Jack and Emma and make a trailer we could use to promote the show.

Here is the first version, the new version doesn’t have the Saint Jimmy song at the end, but that is unavailable to watch, however this one is the same.

I think this is good for an actual trailer as it doesn’t give much away at all and is a nice teaser trailer. I feel like it could have been cooler to feature more silhouettes and shadows of other people, but just using Jack and Emma is still effective.

So that our marketing would be successful, we knew that if people see an advertisement for something at least three times then they’re more like to look or sign up to it. Sian decided to create a timetable for us so we could gradually advertise it as a lot of us have mutual friends as well.


January SCHEDULE 2016

25-28 APRIL – Joshua Ely, Sian Davis, Leah Saunders, Vicky Wilson, Jordan Brown,  Hannah King.

1 – 5 MAY –  Daytona Florian, Tom Barber, Chloe Gilbert, Scott Truin, Richard King, Leah Smith.

8  – 12 MAY – Jack Taylor-Balls, Lou Rowe, Jess Last, Faye Radford, Lucy Peaceful, Harry Ladell.

15 – 19 MAY – Emma Croft, James Ingram, Sophia Lerigo, Alex Ray, Zoe Mills, Beth Easdown.


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