Task 4: Box Office Results

Although I thought that Sian’s scheduling was a bit too much and over organised it definitely worked out for the better, because we actually had two nights with a very filled theatres. We didn’t sell out, but there weren’t many seats left for both nights, however because of the follow spots we had to lose some seats as they take up room.

These were the ticket sales on the 3rd of May. It was still early on and we had only just started our advertisement so we weren’t expecting a huge number of people. Lucy also told us that the 5 back chairs in each corner were for the follow spots and so they will always look like they have been bought, but they’re not going to be filled up.

These dates show the ticket sales on the 14th of May. As you can see the advertising is paying off, because we have sold a lot more compared to last week.

These were the final results a day before the show on the 22nd of May. I think we actually sold even more on the nights because they seemed a lot more filled up from what I could see especially on the Wednesday night. So overall I think with the trailer and Sian’s very organised schedule we managed to get a pretty good amount of advertising a long time before the show, so people knew it about it and that’s why we had so many people.



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