Task 3: Character research

Bring On The Men


For this character I didn’t really think about having a lot of substance, because I only dance in one part of the show which is this part. Therefore I have no story line and no need of a back story. Also if you look at the musical Cabaret for example all the dancers have a cheeky, slightly inappropriate facade, but they are all the same, there are no distinct personality traits, they move as one person. For this dance I just made sure that I was smiling, but sexy and looking at the audience as this is a fun dance and is meant to be saucy. However I had to also act like everyone else, because we were all meant to be doing the same thing, which we were.


No One’s Going To Harm You/Poisoned Apples


I was Carli the lesbian for both of these songs. I didn’t look into being a stereotypical lesbian, because I thought that there is no need to do that. I can still look nice and dressed up for a club and be a lesbian, I don’t need short hair and a lack of make up and boy clothes just to show I am one, so I didn’t. I didn’t put much of an accent on, I just pronounced my words better to sound more educated, because I still wanted a difference between this character and the media woman, as the media woman needed to be a posh accent. I also thought she would speak well instead of a cockney accent because she is obviously able to go to the club a lot, because her girlfriends ex arrives, but I know who she is. So I think I’m a regular which means I have a bit of money, because cabaret clubs are more than an average night club which costs about £3. I’m also really excited for this one particular night, because I’ve been begging my girlfriend to come out for the past few weeks and she has finally joined me on a night out. Plus I want to ask her to move in with me, which means that we must have a strong relationship and respect each other, because later Faye’s character leaves but I decide to stay. I also think I may be the more masculine character, just because I want to ask her to move into my place and not vice versa, it could be because my place is better than hers but I don’t think that’s the reason. However I think our relationship is still quite balanced, because I don’t make her stay I respect that she wants to go home.




The melodrama was a last minute piece that I was put in and so I didn’t change my name, because it doesn’t get mentioned in the script, so it didn’t matter. However the character was still very different to myself. I was a very well educated young lady as I was a woman who worked in media and so I knew I needed to speak well. I think the only thing that made it clear to the audience that we were all in that business was James’s techie hat and then possibly Leah’s news lady character later on in the show. I didn’t think it was obvious to the audience that I was also a media lady, I think if I had mentioned something about the occupation I am in,then it may have been clearer. My character is also meant to be drunk as well, which explains why I think it’s a good idea to hold a little show in the middle of a cabaret club and I even use props. I’m certainly a confident girl who is a bit oblivious to how she makes other people feel. I say this because my idea is to play out a love triangle between three people using my colleagues for help, except I perform this when I know the two women are on one side of me and the man is sitting at a table watching this as well. I think for this character she’s either quite oblivious as I said and it doesn’t help she’s drunk, or she quite likes pointing out peoples issues maybe to make fun of them, but I think it’s more to show them how ridiculous they’re being and that’s why I’m having fun pretending.


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