T3: what is its purpose?

Theatre in Education is beneficial in many ways including:

  • TIE brings children fun, excitement, curiosity and motivation to learn with a theme in schools.
  • A TIE programme can approach extremely serious issues with fun and humour, making an otherwise boring topic seem exciting. Important issues can be explained with depth, sensitivity and intelligence.
  • A TIE programme teaches multiple skills at the same time including language skills, social skills and drama skills.
  • TIE is an enjoyable way of learning. Through active participation, interaction and discussion, the children will have fun and they will remember what they learn for a very long time.

So the purposes of TIE involve heavily around children learning important issues but through fun and active ways of learning so that they are more enjoyable. This is a very clever and simple way to teach kids and I’m looking forward to researching more about it.


One thought on “T3: what is its purpose?”

  1. Sophia, you MUST reference all the information you research.
    Please make sure that in the future you investigate more thoroughly, using a range of sources and that you then develop your own thoughts about it. You don’t seem to have considered why teachers aren’t expected to deliver ALL learning in a TiE style.


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