05/09/16 Jazz blog

This lesson was so hard during the warm up, I could do most of it, but I did get cramp in the side of my leg which was very annoying. However during the pirouettes I have done much better especially with my balance, I just need to work on what way to turn if my right arm is out and vice versa. I also need to lift my back leg in split leaps as its never very high.


One thought on “05/09/16 Jazz blog”

  1. Sophia, try and expand on the statements you make so that you really are reflecting e.g. “I also need to lift my back leg in split leaps as its never very high.” Do you know why your back leg is never very high? Is this a co-ordination problem, a flexibility problem, a timing problem, a lack of height in the air problem, a combination of these? If you don’t understand WHY you are going to find it much harder to correct and put right. Your generation has much better options for working out what is not going right because the majority of you have phones with video cameras and you can video yourself and work it out. There are also apps you can use which can help you analyse your video footage. Before this technology you had to rely on someone observing you and feeding back to you or you trying to feel what is happening as it happens. Try and take this on as YOUR responsibility – you will need to develop this mind set if you are to be a successful independent practitioner in the future.


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