15/09/16 Acting blog

Since some of us were still struggling with finding another practitioner with a technique Erica had a lesson with us and wrote a list of practitioners that we could use. I really appreciated this lesson as I had chosen Sondheim for one, but I wanted someone that was very different and I just didn’t know many other than the basics of Pinter and Stanislavski. I found out about Strasberg and he created method acting, which I’ve always been interested in and so I have used him as my second example.


One thought on “15/09/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, it would be useful if you were to consider more widely the implications of what you have written and then expand on it and plan what you could do to follow this up. You say you were struggling to find a practitioner to research alongside Sondheim and that might indicate to you that your practitioner knowledge is very limited. Erica being able to give your group an initial list of practitioners you might consider might have been the stimulus to make you want to look into ALL of them so that your knowledge base increases and you become better equipped for becoming a practitioner yourself.
    I hope you are aware that the full title is The Lee Strasberg Method (which has become more widely known as Method Acting) and was based on Stanislavski’s System.


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