05/12/16 Tap Lesson 11

Again because we had all Musical Theatre students we were finally able to include Sian and Jess and teach them the steps and put them in their places, we also added a little more to the routine as we used some of the steps from our old routine.


One thought on “05/12/16 Tap Lesson 11”

  1. Not a detailed enough record, what did you learn, what role did you play in this session? what did you add on to this choreography? Is there a video record?
    your entries need to be much more detailed and you need to focus more on what you do and what you contribute in a session, you write too generally and it becomes very hard to identify what you have individually done (which is what I have to assess) as opposed to what the group has done. Tell me what you worked on and did in the session (it might be what everyone else was doing too) but I need to understand the session from your point of view. Make sure you list dance style, steps, positions in formations, the accompaniment, partners etc.


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