12/12/16 Jazz Lesson 12

Today was so fun for our last lesson of the term. We did our routine for “Bring me to life” and for our warm up with did a lot of core things. Then Sarah decided that we should do some acrobatics as Tom and  few others voted for it. It went well and I didn’t do too bad, but Tom landed on his shoulder funny and had to go to A&E, however he is alright.


One thought on “12/12/16 Jazz Lesson 12”

  1. Sophia, again a very generalised record of the class. What warm up exercises / routines did you do? Why do you think Sarah agreed to do acrobatics in the session? Were students unfocused and not committing to the ‘Bring me to life’ dance and could this be why, when the acrobatics were being worked on, a serious accident occurred?

    No reflective blog attached to this post.


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