Task 6

This is the video evidence of Part 1 of Task 6.


2 thoughts on “Task 6”

  1. Sian, although you have posted the link to the video showing your group’s discussion as to what would be the final idea to develop your TiE piece around; this task also asked you to:
    ” begin devising and experimenting with the following:
    • Characters
    • Scene ideas
    • Songs
    • Choreography
    and identify and make use of any appropriate practitioner techniques they have familiarised themselves with in Task 2 of Part 1.
    From this, your group will come up with ideas that can be formulated together to form a complete piece and a workshop/learning materials for your chosen school audience.”
    Where is the evidence that this has taken place? How do I know what you have contributed to this stage of development?
    You will not be able to Pass, let alone reach the higher standards if you do not fulfil ALL aspects of the tasks which are set. In future you need to write reflective blogs and add these to the task pages so we can track what you are doing and what you think about it. At present this kind of evidence will not meet the Pass standard set for level 3.


  2. Sorry for heading the last comment as Sian and not Sophia – this is because I was looking up who else was in your group and that you hadn’t mentioned presentationwise!

    Additional evidence for this task can be found under Task 7


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