Task 7

So it was hard to start off but we decided on writing the script straight away as we would also need to write songs, but we could do that in our singing sessions and so therefore would have more time spare to write the script.

This was the first draft to how our script would start we thought that the genies should talk in rhyme and we already started thinking about the distinct characteristics between the children and how one would be nerdy, one naive and one who was quite cool.


This is the starting scenes we worked on and tried to get to New York, there have been some changes since, for example Tom’s character “Hermes” is now called “Emrys” mainly because it sounded better for the name of the genie. Also the last line of my opening rhyme is now changed to “So is playing games”, because we then went on to make Griselda play a mean game with the children if they wanted the paintings back.




After about a week of carrying on with the script we had written the first bit including the rhymes, the scene of being in New York and getting the paintings.



We then wrote the Egypt song which was especially difficult since only me and Scott were there for the session but we both pulled through and then we had two songs, however we hadn’t written a scene for going to Egypt etc.

Because we didn’t have many singing lessons left to produce our song about Paris I started writing possible lyrics for the chorus and one of the verses.


We created this list on our whiteboard so we could clearly see what we had done, and what we needed to do. It was such a good idea as we then divided up different tasks for each of us to do so that we could bring them along and show each other and then if we didn’t like it we could tweak things.


These are messages just after we had our session in the computer room, we had just finished writing the entire script, Jess and Sian decided to right the main script and even all the rhymes for the genies, Scott looked back on what we had written so far and changed any parts he needed to as well as helping the girls and I wrote the lyrics to the song for Paris with a tune of sorts in my head that could go with it.

In preparation for this we have also created a separate group chat and Erica has been helping us as well, after we showed her what we had written she would then try and piece it all together and then send us a version then we would look at what she had done. The chat also features all the word pages where we have written our parts in sections which helps to see the progress we have made.

This is the current script we have a few things we need to work on like a rhyme for New York and longer scenes in the countries, but here is our piece.



GRISELDA:                   Sophia

ELEANOR:                    Jess

FLEUR:                         Sian

TIMOTHY:                   Scott


[BlandLand, GRISELDA enters SL]

GRISELDA:       Hello boys and girls I want you all to know I’m known as the bad genie, So welcome to the show! My brother is a good genie He’s great at everything And I’m sick of being second best So I’m stealing his paintings! I live in a world with grey and no colour No cities, green parks or sand. It’s deserted and it’s empty My land is pretty bland. These paintings will make it look pretty I’m sick of boring grey, Plus they belong to my brother And he gets everything anyway! Let me introduce myself Griselda is my name, Being bad is my specialty And so is playing games!

Scene 1 

[GRISELDA walks through the secret door CS, puts on disguise. Meanwhile TIMOTHY, FLEUR and ELEANOR enter SR, not noticing her in disguise]


FLEUR:             Hurry up Eleanor!

ELEANOR:        Sorry! I’m bored…

TIMOTHY:       This is the final part, gang!

ELEANOR:        Good! Then we can go to the cinema!

FLEUR:             No, this is fun!

[MARTIN enters, during the next dialogue, GRISELDA removes the paintings, removes the disguise and exits CS through door]

MARTIN:          Welcome all to the unveiling of some special paintings, the highlight of the gallery tour! These paintings are from my own collection and are my favourite paintings in the whole world. And they ARE paintings from all around the world!

FLEUR:             From all around the world? That’s excellent!

TIMOTHY:       It says in the guidebook that these paintings-

ELEANOR:        Oh, not the guidebook again, Timothy!

MARTIN:          Come along, everyone, gather round!

[He unveils curtain]

All:                   [Gasps, general shock, etc]


[Martin, Timothy, Eleanor and Fleur all go into slow motion reactions at the missing paintings.]


[Griselda enters and removes her moustache]

GRISELDA:       Now I’ve got the paintings

                        Right before their eyes

                        Now I have no need of

                        This ridiculous disguise


[Griselda exits SL and removes the rest of her disguise as she exits]


All Kids:           Where are the paintings!?

MARTIN:          They’re gone! [MARTIN steps back on clothes] Who could have stolen my lovely paintings!?!

TIMOTHY:       What is that by your feet?

[Children all look down as MARTIN picks up coat, the next dialogue leads them closer to the CS door]

FLEUR:             It’s a coat?

ELEANOR:        Who’s coat is it?

TIMOTHY:       I think it’s the caretaker’s coat?

MARTIN:          I think you’re right but where could he have gone?

FLEUR:             His hat’s here too

ELEANOR:        Is that a fake moustache?

TIMOTHY:       He must have gone through that door!

MARTIN:          He must be the one who stole the paintings! I shall go and call the police, wait here!

[Chime off stage, Kids freeze in time]

GRISELDA:      So they’re looking for the paintings And I have them here They’ll have to travel around the world And they have no idea They think it was the “caretaker” What a stupid little thought But my brother will soon find out So time is running short

[Chime, Kids unfreeze]

FLEUR:             I hope the tour guide can find some help!

TIMOTHY:       I wish we could help as well.

ELEANOR:        Yeah it would be awesome to save the day!

[Genie enters through the frame]

EMRYSS:          Hello I am a kind genie Emryss is my name, I’m here to help you children out For that is my aim!

ELEANOR:        Wow you’re a genie! That’s amazing! What shall we do now?

EMYRSS:          We need to get the paintings back To help the lovely tour guide. We’ll need to travel around the world Will you be there at my side?

FLEUR:             That sounds like great fun, I’m in, what about you guys?

TIMOTHY:       Yeah! We can travel the world!

ELEANOR:        Yay I love holidays!

EMYRSS:          I’m glad you’re happy to help find the thief They must be a meanie. So come along and follow me As I am the magical genie.


[GRISELDA enters during this]

FLEUR:             Who is this?

GRISELDA:       Why hello there wonderful brother

                        [The children and Genie react]

                        And it seems you brought friend’s too.

                        My name is of course Griselda

                        And I have stolen the paintings, Boo Hoo!

EMRYSS:          She is my evil genie sister

                        And she must have an evil plan too.

                        So come on Griselda, spit it out

                        What do you wish us to do?

GRISELDA:       To get these wonderful paintings

                        From where they once came

                        Simply finish the end of my rhyme

                        That’s the aim of the game!


FLEUR:             Where are the paintings!

ELEANOR:        Yeah, where are paintings?

TIMOTHY:       Now guys, I think we should all calm down…

EMRYSS:          Where are the paintings, sister dear?

GRISELDA:       I’ve hidden them all far from here?

FLEUR:             How can we find them?

ELEANOR:        Where are they?

GRISELDA:       To find them you must solve this rhyme       

                        But you only have a limited time

                        Before the clock strikes on the hour

                        Or I will keep them in my power

TIMOTHY:       Go on what’s the rhyme? I love a puzzle!

                        (NEW YORK RIDDLE)

GRISELDA:       There is a lady made from brass

                        Who lights up the sky-line

                        You’ll find the painting way up high

                        On her head it shines.

ELEANOR:        Even if we did work out this riddle, how on earth would we get there?

EMRYSS:          ive got a secret frame kids, though you mustn’t tell a soul

                        It lets us travel far and wide, north to south, pole to pole.

                        One step through the frame and we’re transported

We’ll find the paintings and then we’re sorted!


FLEUR:             Come on then everyone. Let’s do this!


GRISELDA:       Let’s see how they get on in America In the great city New York It’s known as the big apple But hey enough of this talk Let’s see if it’s a big challenge Or if it’s way too easy They’ll take hours around the city Looking for the Statue of Liberty



(Exit SL)


Scene 2


New York song

[Emryss:: Let’s get a yellow cab

All over: What’s a cab?

Emryss: It’s a taxi All other: What’s a taxi?….

 It’s a car that takes you from A to B But at the end you’ve got to pay a fee

 You’re driver for today will be the Genie

 So sit back relax cus’ this ones for free.

CHORUS: We need to find a painting can’t you see

We need to find a painting can’t you see

We need to find a painting, need to find a painting,

Of the Statue (clap,clap) of Liberty.


 Look out the window and what do you see

Driving around in this big city

Big tall buildings up to the sky

 And a big green park with people walking by.

The bright lights of broadway are all aglow, so many different theatres…

Timothy: let’s go and see a show?

All kids: NOOOOOOO!!


Emryss: Let’s go to the Statue of Liberty then!!

All: What’s the Statue of Liberty??

(GRISELDA enters SL)

She’s a giant lady in a green metal gown With a book and a torch and a spiky old crown She’s holding a book that says we’re all free, free means no rules no rules means liberty



(Exit SL)


ALL:                 THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!!!!!

                                    [Woops and cheers]

TIMOTHY:       Well…. What now?

FLEUR:             The evil genie Griselda must be here somewhere.

ELEANOR:        Oh no! I hope she’s not mad that we worked out the puzzle…. I wouldnt want to make the genie mad….

                        [Griselda appears]

EMRYSS:          Hello evil sister, we worked out your little clue!

                        So hand over the paintings, like you promised too.

(GRISELDA enters SR)

GRISELDA:       Hold on one moment brother, you’re moving far too fast

                        You really think they’re all here? I want to make this last.

                        Two more paintings, two more locations and these are especially tough

                        I won’t spoil the surprise, work it out for yourself because ive had enough.

[Griselda Disappears]


ELEANOR:        We’ve got no hope!!

FLEUR:             Don’t think that Eleanor, We can do it if we work together as a team!

TIMOTHY:       I love team work….. Did anyone see where I put my guide book?


EMRYSS:          Right, come on gang, let’s make a move

                        We need to travel back to the museum, we’ve got something to prove.


[Back to the museum]

[Puts New York painting back on Wall]



TIMOTHY:       There! We’ve got the first painting back!

ELEANOR:        So what’s the next painting we need to get?

EMRYSS:          For this we better get my sister,

But I’m sure none of us missed her!

[Griselda appears]

GRISELDA:       So you want to find the next painting?

Well shame on you

Ive hung them on my bland old wall

And your times almost through!

But yes ill give you the riddle

But not because im kind

And once again, ill remind you now

Youre running out of time.

FLEUR:             Come on, let’s hear it then!

GRISELDA:       Find the triangles made of stone

Between the hot sand and sky

They’re in line with the stars

With your eye the painting you will spy

EMRYSS:          Let’s go through the picture frame and see what we find!

GRISELDA:       I hope that none of you get left behind!

(Exit SR)


TIMOTHY – [It’s an animal with two humps

It spits a lot

Cause it’s got the grumps

It doesn’t need that much water

So let’s get going cause we oughta

Oooohhhh x2



We need a painting of the pyramid x2

Yes we really need a painting x2

Because our time is very limited


Verse 2

ELEANOR – As we’re travelling by the Nile

See the dangerous crocodiles

The desert’s full of yellow sand

And the hot sun beats down on the land

Ooooohhh x




Verse 3

FLEUR – In the Pyramids there’s a hidden room

Where they put their Pharaohs in a tomb

There’s pictures all across the walls

And lots of shiny sparkly jewels

Oooohh x2


Chorus- repeat last line.]



ALL:                 THE PYRAMIDS!!!

ELEANOR:        So now what?

FLEUR:             We need to get Griselda to give us the next painting!

EMRYSS:          We’ve figured out your clue, sister dear!

So now give us the painting whilst we’re all here!

(GRISELDA enters SR)

GRESELDA:      You’ve found another one of the paintings I’ve hidden,

Do it again and I’ll be forbidden.

Bad Genies need to keep their reputation

Not a single glimpse of hesitation.

So the next clue is much tougher,

I can’t wait to watch all of you suffer

I will win at this game I play,

And all you lot will go away.

EMRYSS:          So let’s head back to the Gallery,

                        The painting is what we’ll return.

                        Then another clue from my sister,

                        And my respect is what you shall earn!


[back through the frame]

[Put painting on wall]


ALL:                 What’s next?

FLEUR:             Let’s take a look at the pictures and see if we can figure out where they next one is?

TIMOTHY:       Good Idea! If we look really closely maybe the…

ELEANOR:        I know! I know!

TIMOTHY:       You do?

FLEUR:             Really?

ELEANOR:       No. But let’s call GRESELDA, it’s the only way.

EMRYSS:          Greselda? It’s Emryss,

                        Are you hidden in that tree?

                        Come into the museum and  

Give this clue to me.

                        I just want my paintings because they mean a lot,

                        I am your brother after all, have you forgot?

GRESELDA:      I haven’t forgotten brother,

                        Don’t you worry about that?

                        If you work this clue out quickly,       

                        I’ll be less of a brat.

                        Your time is nearly up my friends,    

                        You only have an hour.

                        When the clock strikes 12

                        I will have all power.


Here is the last clue I will give,

                        Do it well and your painting will live?

                        Otherwise I will throw it in the fire,

                        To keep content my heart’s desire.


                        (THE EIFFEL TOWER RIDDLE:)

This place is a shape with three points,

That shines up in the dark.

It’s a place of romance for some,

The painting is at this landmark.




TIMOTHY:       Why are you rhyming?

ELEANOR:        Well… I want to be magic and the genies were doing it…

FLEUR:             Enough! We need to concentrate really hard, close your eyes boys and girls and count to 10. Maybe once we’ve counted we will know what the answer is! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Anything?

ELEANOR: YES! The shape is a TRIANGLE!? That has three points?! Right?

TIMOTHY: That’s it!

FLEUR: and the only place I know to be romantic is Paris…


Just done the riddle for Paris and have sung the song… the next dialogue

After The Paris Song:


ALL:     (all look at each other as they all think of the same place)


                        WE’VE GOT IT!!          

EMRYSS:          Come out come out wherever you are

We know youre here, you cant be far.

GRESELDA:      Now you have all defeated me,

                        How do you feel?

                        I guess now I will have to continue with my deal.

                        The painting are all crisp and clear,

                        I didn’t even damage them when you weren’t here.

FLUER:             Well at least they aren’t damaged?!

EMRYSS:          I was so upset when the paintings had gone,

                        But it will be okay, let’s learn to get along.

GRESELDA:      I am sorry Emryss for upsetting you,

                        But I am jealous of what you do.

                        You’re always out an about and or sitting on your throne,

                        And I just wear grey and I’m always all alone.

EMYRSS:          Its okay Greselda, even through our differences I’ve tried to find the best in you. However evil you have been, I always knew that you’d fall through.

FLUER:            why don’t you put the final painting in the picture frame.

ELEANOR:       yay! We’ve done it!! well done guys!

EMRYSS:         Thank you all for helping me to find the paintings that I couldn’t see. What a fun adventure I’ve had with you guys but now it’s time to say our goodbyes. (Children go off saying goodbyes) *As we are walking off, we say as follows*

TIMOTHY: Where’s my guidebook? The Museum closes now.






One thought on “Task 7”

  1. Sophia, much of this evidence is what I was looking for in Task 6 as it is evidence of the development of the piece and the writing of the script – so this is good and I shall add a second comment to indicate this under Task 6.
    In this task I am looking more for actual rehearsal process, blocking, practising songs, characterisation etc. Clearly your group chat could provide evidence of how you are working – can you take screen shots of these relevant chats and upload them here otherwise it cannot be assessed?
    Also, please change the colour of the font for the script as it is very difficult to read black writing against this underwater background.
    I know from reading Jess Last’s WordPress that you have been writing parts of the script and that you have been offering ideas but I cannot accept this second hand evidence, you need to include your own evidence please.


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