30/09/16 Mock Audition with Guildhall Graduates Josh and Rona.

Today was the day for the Year 2 Drama and Musical Theatre students to do a mock audition, this was to help us understand and experience what a real audition may be like, and to help calm some nerves. In the morning we met with Josh and Rona and they did a few exercises and warm ups to get us relaxed. They said that whatever drama school you go to audition at you will do this as it just breaks the ice. They also said don’t be afraid to really get stuck in because they will be looking at the people who are confident enough to just get on with it, and they will notice people who look like they’re not enjoying themselves. After that we had a quick break and I was first to “audition”. I was rather nervous, but Josh and Rona did seem nice enough. I had 2 modern monologues ready and off book and like wise I had 2 Shakespeare monologues ready and off book. I obviously have more I just don’t completely know them yet.

I walked in and sat down on the seat after they came and got me. They asked me questions about what I like to do, why like acting/performing etc, we spoke about other drama schools that I’m thinking of applying to. They looked through my portfolio and they asked me which monologue would I prefer to perform so I chose my monologue from ‘Eight’ by Ella Hickson and my Shakespeare was Rosaline form ‘Loves Labours Lost’. They gave me some great feedback from both that really helped me, especially to do with things like positioning. I also didn’t notice that I looked down a lot, when I was showing that I was thinking. So they got me to repeat the modern monologue a few times so that I could try not to look down and to try the new position that I was now seated in. They also complimented that I was very clear and that my voice was just something that was nice to listen to. This gave me a little bit of a boost as no one had ever really mentioned that before, so it was nice to hear. I definitely think the whole experience was so helpful and I really needed it! I’m so happy I got the opportunity.


One thought on “30/09/16 Mock Audition with Guildhall Graduates Josh and Rona.”

  1. Sophia, this is a really strong record of this mock audition process you went through – well done. The weakest part is your reflection on how YOU think it went, your analysis of the feedback you have been given, what you now plan to do to improve following this feedback, how you will check that you have made the improvements you are trying for.


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