Task 11: Workshop Package

So we had a few little ideas about what we could do for our workshop. Sian and Jess suggested an idea on a game where we hold up three different signs that either say the three countries we visit, the three cities or the three landmarks. Then we would ask questions relating to these things and they would have to run or point to the answer they thought it was. Some example questions we thought of were:

  • Where is New York?
  • Where do you find the Pyramids?
  • Where is the Statue of Liberty?

After that I was thinking we could just ask them more questions about some of the more detailed information to see who was really listening. These were the questions I thought of:

  • What colour is the Statue of Liberty?
  • What is the capital of Egypt?
  • Is New York the capital of America?
  • What Landmark is in Paris?
  • What shape are the Pyramids?
  • What is the capital of France?
  • Which country is the biggest?
  • Which one is closest to the United Kingdom?
  • Which country is the hottest?

We then thought it would be nice if we sang through the chorus a couple of times and got them to create some actions for it and then we could all do them together.


The aim of these workshops is to see how much they will be listening to see if they learn anything from our show, and if they enjoy it as well.


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