Task 3: What is Theatre in Education?

So the first thing I did to find information about Theatre in Education was to simply type it in on google and this was the first statement that came up explaining it.

“Theatre in Education (TIE) is a process in which it includes all the interactive theatre/drama practices that help aid the educational process. As TIE is used, new strategies and objectives for using theatre as an educational tool emerge.”
I then found another website which actually had a lot of information including how it started this is what I found from that:

TIE, is a Theatre experience with a focus on educational outcomes. It makes use of Theatre techniques to create a fresh and dramatic learning process for children.

A little history behind how Theatre in Education came about.

It began in Britain in the mid 1960s in the response to the needs of both Theatre and schools. In 1965 there were a group of projects in schools which helped demonstrate that Theatre was very effective in schools. This is because it actively engaged the audience in the learning process.


One thought on “Task 3: What is Theatre in Education?”

  1. Sophia, you MUST reference all the information you find out, ideally using the Harvard system. Have you ever seen any TiE? Did you ever get to see it at school? What did you think it was before you started investigating? More of your own thoughts please if you want to be working at the higher standards.


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