Task 2: My own teaching of a technique.

So I based my technique on Lee Strasberg’s method acting. I chose this because method acting has always interested me. Especially the American method because they do it so seriously. They like to think and dress and eat and act and well live as the character they are playing. It’s a bit odd as I just don’t know how you can do that, but it has been proven to be very successful to the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, the late Heath ledger, Johnny Depp and many more. I was relieved that I could do it just for the Drama students as I think Dancer would struggle a bit more to use this technique. I also took advantage of the fact that all the drama students knew at least one monologue which means they all had at least one character in mind that they could use and develop. Here is my video evidence of my presentation. My video is number 36.



One thought on “Task 2: My own teaching of a technique.”

  1. Sophia, I would have liked to see your preparations for your workshop included as evidence here. The Lee Strasberg Method is quite wide and you weren’t teaching the group the entire ‘method’ so it would be interesting to know which exercise you decided on and why.


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