10/11/16 Acting Lesson 9

Today we had Erica and progressed more on our story that we started with Paul, we roughly decided our characters and who they would be played by and we also started writing a song that we could possibly use. These are the photos.


This is our storyline of what will happen, the characters have slightly changed, we have added an extra genie who will be evil.


These are spider diagrams to show words that related to the centre which will help us when we write songs about each place.


These are the lyrics to the song that we would be singing as we pass through each world. it translates as:

We’re going through the frame

Nothing will be the same

Collecting all the landmarks

Through city, dessert and parks

The genie is our friend and we’re gonna make amends

For the tour guide needs his pics

And they’ve all been nicked!

It needs developing in places especially the last two lines, but so far we have a possible song.


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