27/09/16 Singing lesson 3


Today we had Birgitta, because she was standing in for Paul. We showed her Avenue Q and we made sure we had the parts secured for that. Then we moved on to song writing, for our T.I.E we will be putting on some sort of musical so learning easy techniques to help write a song is great. This is what we did. We told B (Birgitta) about the Romans and what we had researched about them. Then we wrote on the white board every single word you could possibly think of that has something to do with Romans, whether it was roads, baths or even toads. Then we looked at the words and marked which words rhymed with each other. Then B mentioned genres, what genre did we want our song to be in? Since we first decided to write about how they were building the roads we thought a “work” related song would go great with blues. Me and Beth then just started coming up with lyrics and we basically created the chorus.


This is the white board with all of our notes on that we thought about from the lesson.


One thought on “27/09/16 Singing lesson 3”

  1. Sophia, this doesn’t feel like a complete record of this session. Did you end up with a blues style song about roads? Is there an audio or video file of the song that you could upload to here? Do you have a copy of the song lyrics? Make sure your record of a session is not only comprehensive but you make it very clear what your involvement in each of the activities is, if you want to meet the higher standards.


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