30/01/17-03/02/17 Weekly blog

Monday 30th


We stated the lesson off with Tap first which was different and we didn’t have our usual intense warm up which I quite like. However Sarah wanted to make sure we knew another time step and did some close work, because she wanted to put it into the footloose routine. We practiced these for a bit and then went on to do the dance, we managed well considering we were missing some of our class. We also got some chairs from the theatre because we will have platforms and so Sarah wanted us to do a new little tap sequence where we’re sitting down. I loved this however moving my head, hands and feet all at once is proving to be a challenge but I’m already getting the hang of it so with a bit more practiced I’m sure I’ll be fine.


We had a mini little stretching session before we started just to warm up our legs. We then did our kicks sequence where you do two to the front one to the side and one to the back, we do this on both sides to make sure it’s even and to practice our left and right. we then did leaps and my legs are much straighter which is greater but when we did side leaps I need to make sure I don’t twist my body as Sarah pointed out. Then we did shellé turns and my quicker ones and getting better and now I’m really trying to spot and focus when I do it, I do need to keep my upper body supported however.


Tuesday 31st


It was just me and Scott today so at first we were a bit stuck as to what to do, but since we had Paul we thought we might as well do something where we can use his special music skills. Therefore we decided to start making the backing tracks for the songs.


Well because there wasn’t many people in today ballet wasn’t on, so instead me and Scott decided to think about costumes and started writing a list of what we could each wear.



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