20/02/17-24/02/17 Week 21

Monday 20th February

We didn’t have our Jazz and Tap lesson today because TIE was coming up soon, because of this we went and finished off the last two backdrops all morning. We then realised we needed handle bars and we discussed that night what our solution would be. Scott suggested that he could get the handlebars from bikes at home and we were all happy with this decision. Later this day as well we carried on rehearsing and going through it with our new set so that we could get used to the props etc. Erica decided it would be a good idea for use to record our show one more time before our performance, we showed it to the level 2s and also the musical theatre students. It went well and we barely forgot our lines which I think has given us confidence ready for Wednesday.


Tuesday 21st February

Again because of TIE we didn’t have our singing lesson or ballet lesson. In the morning we painted and fixed any parts on the back drops that were missing bits of paint or any details. Scott told us he couldn’t get the handle bars so we had to think of a solution, so for the rest of the morning I was cutting out handle bars from cardboard and tripled them up to get them to be sturdy and easy to hold. I painted them pink, turquoise, yellow and red as I thought these would be good to represent the three characters. To save time Scott suggested instead of painting the handles black I should cover them in black tape which would also help keeping them together instead of glue, it was really effective and looked great during the “Paris Song”. In the afternoon we did a final run through with Erica in the dance studio with all props and set, it went well apart from a few hiccups and we knew we just had to really look at our lines to make sure we knew what we were doing for tomorrow but I think it will go well.




Wednesday 22nd February



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