08/11/16 Singing Lesson 7

Today we did a whole brainstorming idea on Sian and Tom’s ideas because we were considering joining them together, as they were both similar and both about geography. We came up with a structure and a rough idea of a storyline and three set places and landmarks that we were going to “visit” in our story. Then we started thinking about the set and how we would enter into these “different worlds”. Overall we have made some great progression this session.

This was the board that we put our ideas on.



One thought on “08/11/16 Singing Lesson 7”

  1. Sophia,
    Link this session to unit 9 task 6 please, thank you
    Not enough content though – what key stage? what year group? the subject is geography but what is the topic? why do you think this will lend itself well to a show? how will you get the educational message across?
    Am I correct in thinking that you didn’t do any singing focused work such as composing a suitable song for this idea?


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