Task 1b: Action plan and timetable.

My first entry for my action plan: (The new part is in italic writing)

sophias action plan from week one

My second entry to my action plan: (the new part is in bold writing)

Sophia’s action plan week 2

Week 3 entry for my action plan: (The new part is in red text)

Sophia’s action plan week 3

Entry for week number 4 for my action plan: (The font will be blue in this)

Sophia’s action plan week 4

Week number 5 for my action plan: (The font will be green)

Sophia’s action plan week 5

Week 6 and 7 of my action plan: (The font will be orange)

I am doing both of these in the same font because it is the Easter half term and so it will be a lot of repetition.


Week number 8 of my action plan: (The font will be in purple)

Sophia’s action plan week 8

Week 9 of my action plan: (The font is in pink)

sophia action plan week 9

10th week of my action plan: (The font is back in italics again)

sophia’s action plan week 10

Week 11 of my action plan: (The font is back to bold)


Week number 12 of my action plan: (The font is in red)


My final week, week number 13 of my action plan: (The font is in blue)

sophia’s action plan week 13





3 thoughts on “Task 1b: Action plan and timetable.”

  1. Sophia, this initial plan is very general and won’t help you much with regard to organising your work appropriately and effectively so that there is an efficient production process. Make sure that you update this plan and that you include promotion and marketing as part of this. You need to consider ALL the tasks related to this assignment (reflecting / evaluating, meetings etc.) and don’t just focus on the performance elements. Remember you MUST evaluate how you are getting on in accordance with the aims expressed in your Action Plan and then tweak the plan accordingly.


  2. Although you are updating your plans in the sense that you are writing up what happened instead of what was planned I can’t see that you have then revised your plans so that things that have not been able to happen as planned get moved to a place where they can be done so that you get back on track. There is also no real sense of what the impact of not getting something done at the point at which you hope to get it done has on the overall project. for example we gave you an original deadline of 31st March to complete your initial research around the ‘Saints and Sinners’ theme but we had to extend it to 19th April to allow for you researching the scenes, songs, characters you were allocated. The whole research and exploration stage took MUCH longer than was originally anticipated and had a knock on effect on the time available to rehearse the piece.


    1. Unfortunately we weren’t able to start on the week and date we were meant to, and so we started around 3 weeks late on our project. Annoyingly this meant instead of having 13 weeks to plan a show, we had 10 weeks. I know that still feels like a lot, but I feel like in reality we would have definitely benefited from those 3 extra week. Especially because there were 3 back-to-back shows 3 weeks before ours, which also meant that we had less access to help from tutors and less space to rehearse because others had more of a priority over space as their final projects were before ours. If we had been able to start earlier then we wouldnt have been so worried about our pieces because they would have be practically done by the time the other shows were on. They weren’t of course and that meant that we then stressed more because we didn’t have spaces to practise in or people available. However this meant that we had our deadlines pushed to further dates and that’s because we started late, this relieved some of the stress from our shoulders as well.


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