Task 1: Focus of Investigation

My Question for my essay- “What is the future of juke box musicals?”

I have decided to choose jukebox musicals as my essay subject because I’ve always had an interest in them and one of my favourite musicals is indeed a jukebox musical. I also thought there was a lot of interesting things I could write about with this subject as there are many different views when it comes to jukebox musicals.

I will be looking at the first jukebox musical and how that effected the audience at the time it was released. I will also be creating a survey to see what peoples opinions are on the future of jukebox musicals and whether people prefer them or not compared to original musicals.



One thought on “Task 1: Focus of Investigation”

  1. Sophia, it is great that you have already identified some specific research sources to use and you have begun your research. Some pointers to be aware of before you go too far with this:

    Please keep the research that you find separate from this section because you HAVE to evaluate the information that you find for its accuracy, its usefulness / relevance, whether it raises more questions for you etc. It is criteria 2.2 “Critically evaluate information from a range of sources to inform ideas.”

    Make sure that you include more than just online information or you won’t meet the part of the criteria which says “a range of sources”.


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