18/10/16 Singing Lesson 5

Today we looked at a new idea for our show. We looked at doing a quest story and thought about using historical figures to meet along the way. We thought about what the story would be about,  we decided that there was a girl and she needed to write a song for something the next day. We had trouble deciding a reason as to why she had to write a song though. Anyway she would have a dream and in the dream she would meet William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein and Mozart. Shakespeare would help with the lyrics, Einstein with the rhythm and finally Mozart would put it together with music etc. We still have a lot of details to figure out but this is our current idea to possibly use for T.I.E.


One thought on “18/10/16 Singing Lesson 5”

  1. Sophia, was this a serious idea for the TIE commission or another exercise for you to use to try out techniques and skills with a focus on story-telling as that was where your last idea was weakest? This session took place before the individual task 5 presentations which is what is making me query this.


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