Task 2: Creating a show


Lynn asked us to email her our ideas for the show, at first I thought she meant that we needed to expand on our ideas to help her create a show. However this was not entirely what she meant and so my first email (which is on the post “Task 2: First Initial Ideas”) was not the response she wanted. Lynn wanted us to write out what we would do if we were in her position instead, this is the next email I wrote to her. All the writing in bold is the email that I sent to Lynn.

Opening number would be some kind of song, not so sure yet what song as no one really suggested any. Then after the number it could lead into Zoe’s idea and my idea combined which is the dance battle idea which would just be great to show the relationships between the sins and virtues as well.

Presenters come on and talk about opening number

Jack’s verbatim piece of how politicians can be perceived as good and bad, but I think these should definitely be monologues. I also think that instead of getting lyrics from songs he should actually look at interviews because there will be plenty of times when a politician has contradicted himself, I also feel that lyrics about politicians are opinions not the real words that have been spoken by politicians themselves.

I think this is now when we could introduce one of the couples of virtue and sins, I would thinking abstinence and gluttony. I think this scene could be comedic because it would be about how abstinence was trying to convince gluttony to be more like them except people love alcohol and sex, and so the audience would (hopefully) side with gluttony even though they are a sin. Then all the virtues who were girls plus any other girls could sing Firm Foundation which was one of the songs suggested by Sian.

After this I would then put in Lou’s idea of “Talking to Terrorists” as I feel like after a comedy there should be something serious and it can make people realise the seriousness of it more. I think to include in Lou’s idea we should find out how many possible attacks there are on Suffolk and Norfolk each year and if it’s a lot or a good amount then feature that as well. This isn’t to scare people but it would make them realise that it could happen to them and then maybe they may be more aware of suspicious behaviour as well. After this scene the musical theatre students and armado could sing the pentatonix version of hallelujah which was suggested by Jess.

I think about now would be nice to have Emma’s idea of the collaboration of the two songs Hellfire and Heavens light, I think this should between another virtue and sin. I think maybe there should be a bit of dialogue beforehand as well that leads into the song. However the scene could about how the couple get together and how they meet instead of them already being together.

Also I know that no one mentioned a lesbian or gay couple but I feel like we could have one in the show between a saint and a sinner or between the two waitresses or the two bouncers?

Then would be the melodrama that would end Act 1. All through out these acts the presenters would go in between the shows.


Act 2 would then start with the second part of the melodrama.

Then I think Scott’s idea of doing the song Heathens should come in with the dance routine. 

Then my dinner date idea could come in using four couples of the virtues including Charity and greed, diligence and laziness, patience and anger and kindness and envy.

I think that Chloe’s Beauty and the beast medley would go well here because it’s more about saints than sins and I think at this point we need something to break it up a bit.

Obviously there is room for more ideas but this is all I can think of however I think ending the show with Jack’s idea for totally fucked would be a great way to summarise everything that has happened in the show.

love Sophia xx

Later that week we got a rough version of our show, so that we could then start practising  and writing what we need to do over half term.

Here is the list:

I have  solo, duet and two group numbers to learn, so I shall be busy.


2 thoughts on “Task 2: Creating a show”

  1. Sophia, this is a good record of something that happened early on but you don’t then follow through with a clear sense of the outcome to all of this. Why did we look at the opposing 7 Deadly Sins and Lively Virtues and try and see which of the suggested ideas might lend themselves best to these? Describing and recording are potentially valuable but only if you then USE this information / understanding. This is when you are able to start producing evidence which meets the higher standards.


    1. We also looked at the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues. This was for an idea of the entire story and we thought about possibly pairing different sins to different virtues. The pairs that Lynn came up with were: Lust and Chastity, Gluttony and Temperance, Greed and Charity, Sloth and Diligence, Wrath and Forgiveness, Envy and Kindness and Pride and Humility. Some of the ideas I thought about to fit these in, was to have a story line where the virtues and sins were in situations like they were having an argument, but sometimes the sinners would actually be in the right and the virtues would be wrong. This would then show the audience that maybe there aren’t sinners and saints but that actually we all make choices and sometimes we have to make a bad choice for it to be good. For example if you steal from a shop, but you’re stealing food because your family are starving, that is technically a sin, but has a virtuous thought behind it. Beth told us about a play that features comedic scenes between different sins, however I thought we could take that further and introduce the virtues as well and then some how link them together, but that would then depend on the stories and how much we would have to change them.


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