07/11/16 Tap blog

I’m not keen on this routine but I know that when we finish it, it will look really cool and I’m doing well with the steps so its alright.


One thought on “07/11/16 Tap blog”

  1. Sophia, this is not a reflective blog.

    Reflective questions to ask yourself after technique sessions: (please give detailed answers)
    What preparations had I made for this session?
    How could I have prepared better?
    What did I do well in this session today?
    What didn’t go as well as I would have liked?
    What is holding me back?
    How is this session going to help me now and in the future?
    What are MY aims to achieve in my next session?
    What needs to be done by me before my next session?
    When am I going to do this so I will be ready by my next session?


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