15/11/16 Ballet blog

Today was an interesting lesson because Helena told us that we had to create the sequences ourselves, I worked in a group of three with Faye and Chloe which was great because they had loads of experience in ballet and so our routines were always pretty good. I’m also remembering the terms for the techniques more as well which helps a lot.


One thought on “15/11/16 Ballet blog”

  1. Sophia, did you find this a useful class to do? What did it help you with? What did you find more challenging? Do you think the technique became less important when doing the class like this? Why do you think this might be?

    These questions that I pose you are designed to help you develop your reflective skills because, at the moment, you are not doing this thoroughly enough and you will then struggle when it comes to this element in the final graded unit at the end of the year. You need to ask yourself lots of questions, answer them and then think about the implications so that you then show planning for your future and then monitor / follow up to check progress

    statement “I struggle with plies”

    question “why do I struggle with plies?”

    answer ” I realise; looking at the photos of me doing plies and also the photo of me trying to do a squat when we were doing our physical skills self-assessment at the start of term that I must have quite short Achilles tendons as I am not able to bend my knees and go very low before my heels lift off the floor. Also, I can see that my posture is wrong for plié and that I haven’t got my legs correctly lined up because my knees are not in the same line as my hips and feet.”

    implications ” If I want to improve my pliés I am going to have to work on lengthening my Achilles so I am going to start doing calf / Achilles stretches every day and I am going to take a photo of my plié two weeks from now so that I can see if I have made any progress”

    monitor ” well, it is two weeks from when I set myself the task of stretching my Achilles / calves every day and here is a photo taken from the same angle today. I’ve put the original plié photo next to it to compare and I can see that not only is my posture MUCH better because my shoulders are now over my hips but my leg alignment is better as my feet, ankles, knees and hips are all in line and although I don’t appear to have gone lower this is because in the first photo my posture and alignment meant I wasn’t doing the plié correctly. I am going to continue the stretches for another two weeks and then take another photo to compare.”

    monitor ” four weeks ago I first set myself this task and here is an update and the latest photo of my progress in plies. You can see from this recent photo compared with the one taken two weeks ago that I have definitely got lower in my plié action and without compromising my technique as my posture and leg alignment are correct so I am really pleased with this. Now that I have been doing the stretches for 4 weeks I will probably keep them going as they have become part of the daily things I work on, I also wouldn’t want to lose the flexibility I have gained.”


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