17/11/16 Acting Lesson 10

Todays lesson was really good we showed Erica our song, then we started discussing the characters and what we would possibly say in the first scene. We also talked about how the good and bad genie would talk only in rhyme whenever they spoke. The bad genie will also live in a place called Bland land or the land of bland, which will be completely grey. The bad genie will also be called Griselda, because it sounds evil and “gris” is french for grey just like the place where she lives. Everyone else will live on Earth and the children’s names we haven’t decided yet, except for Scott he will be called Timothy because it sounds like a stereotypical “smart” person’s name.


One thought on “17/11/16 Acting Lesson 10”

  1. Good record, what else has been decided? Other character names? The other magical land that the good genie lives in? What is the non-magical land – is it the world? the earth? What rhythmic pattern is going to be used for the genie’s lines? Perhaps they need to be in verse form like in nursery rhymes? The pattern needs to be established and kept consistent throughout otherwise it will be hard for the children to hear that it is happening.


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