06/09/16 Song devices for younger age groups blog.

Today was a really useful lesson. Paul was asking us questions about what conventions do children’s songs feature the most. Of course Rhyme is a very big contender as well as pace, you can’t show kids a fast song because they wont listen and it will just go over their heads. Repetition is also very key especially if you want to teach them something educational. Then he asked us to look for an example of a song that we remember as children which helped us in some way. I loved this because I instantly thought of horrible histories. It’s one of the most educational programs and each episode features 2-3 songs about a part in history. However since we were musical theatre students I remembered a song from a TV show I used to watch and in one episode they sang a musical number, this was very educational because the song was all about how you should floss. This first lesson has helped me a lot and I feel a lot more prepared when we start Part 2 and 3 of Theatre in Education.

Below is the video showing the musical number about floss


One thought on “06/09/16 Song devices for younger age groups blog.”

  1. Sophia, well done for tracking down the video clip. Make sure that you Harvard reference information that you haven’t developed yourself.
    You say you feel “a lot more prepared when we start Part 2 and 3 of Theatre in Education.” As part of your reflection I would expect you to explain why you feel prepared following this session. I would also expect you to look at whether you think Paul’s session only partially helps prepare you or fully prepares you and what still needs some work? Ideally you would come back to this later on in the project and evaluate whether it really did prepare you and, if so, was it in the way that you expected?


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