Pericles, Prince of Tyre Marina Act 5 Scene 1

My lord, that ne’er before invited eyes,
But have been gazed on like a comet: she speaks,
My lord, that, may be, hath endured a grief
Might equal yours, if both were justly weigh’d.
Though wayward fortune did malign my state,
My derivation was from ancestors
Who stood equivalent with mighty kings:
But time hath rooted out my parentage,
And to the world and awkward casualties
Bound me in servitude.
I will desist;
But there is something glows upon my cheek,
And whispers in mine ear, ‘Go not till he speak.


One thought on “Pericles, Prince of Tyre Marina Act 5 Scene 1”

  1. Sophia, same point – this is good to have a copy of the monologue included. What would be even better would be to have your thoughts and intentions about how you will play this part and why. What feedback have you been given when you have run this monologue? How has this affected the refinements you have made? Are there any video records of you performing this monologue?


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