Task 4: Photos

18623417_1327358154006480_8544657654865563743_o 18699383_1327358557339773_6984277493222532262_o 18738579_1327358320673130_994583406192557657_o  These photos are from the first time I come on stage, they show before and after the dance, however there are no photos of my solo song.


18739102_1327361187339510_7586470198140381333_o 18672856_1327361377339491_8306292146624946874_o 18595352_1327361304006165_5750631116681367075_o 18595592_1327361274006168_4362092874068428040_o 18623425_1327361407339488_3159706219322536946_o These are pictures of Bring On The Men, which was also the closing act for Act 1.


18738538_1327362054006090_5275879839741540387_o 18699655_1327361924006103_5749667459431304072_o 18671811_1327362020672760_6880456611618294938_o These photos are of the melodrama, which appears in Act 2.


18595619_1327364807339148_7098638372286682230_o  18623391_1327365290672433_4368297047281398539_o 18738400_1327365334005762_8034979762639303877_o In this scene I was chatting with Jess’s character about my relationship and the duet we sang was her giving me some advice on what to do.


This collection of photos shows the ending song that we were all in and the positions and places we were standing in.


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