26/09/16 Tap blog

Today I was worried at first because I was ill last week I couldn’t take part in the lesson but I still watched it, however it was very easy to pick up than I thought it would be. This was really good because I could finally do the routine instead of just watching it. After this we learnt some close work, although I found this really difficult at first to learn I have mastered the beginning (nearly) and it’s just the ending that I need to work on because my feet are still getting confused by the steps.


One thought on “26/09/16 Tap blog”

  1. Sophia, this might have been better as part of your record of the session, there is not much reflection contained in this blog.
    Questions to ask yourself:
    What preparations had I made for this session?
    How could I have prepared better?
    What did I do well in this session today?
    What didn’t go as well as I would have liked?
    What is holding me back?
    How is this session going to help me now and in the future?
    What are MY aims to achieve in my next session?
    What needs to be done by me before my next session?
    When am I going to do this so I will be ready by my next session?


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