20/10/16 Acting Lesson7

In todays lesson we showed Erica what we had done with Paul on Tuesday however when we realised how difficult it would and confusing to an audience of possible 4 year olds we had to scrap it. Erica suggested we looked at what other subjects they looked at in KS1 and we all liked the idea of science and materials. We still considered a quest story but now it would be a possible version of the three little pigs story, where an animal/person would go to different friends and ask what they build their houses out of then we would discuss the pros and cons to this material being good for building a house. We decided that the story of a female hedgehog trying to build a new house would be good as hedgehogs don’t really have houses as such. She would meet a hamster, an owl, a butterfly and another hedgehog. The materials would be paper, wood, glass and bricks.


One thought on “20/10/16 Acting Lesson7”

  1. Sophia, it would have been helpful to outline HERE what you did with Paul on Tuesday so that any reader could understand why Erica had felt it wasn’t appropriate and encouraged you to think of an alternative subject and topic to focus your show on.


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