18/10/16 Ballet Lesson 5

Today we did a lot of barre work and centre work. We did Rond de jambs (circle of the leg) and we did them à terre (from the ground), en l’air (in the air), en dehors (outwards) and en dedans (inwards), then we also did it fondu support (bent). Our centre work consisted of relevé (s), retire (leg drawn up), passé (leg goes from front to back and vice versa) , petit allegro en châinement, soubresaut and soutenu turns. I found en l’air was a bit difficult as I get a pain in my hip when I try and lift my leg and I feel like it needs to pop or do something and so its uncomfortable. When I do anything en dehors I need to go to my turn out and not just to the side, because otherwise I won’t benefit from it.



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