20/09/16 Ballet blog

This lesson really helped me today. I have noticed that my balance has gotten a lot better and I’m really happy with that, because it was a large problem last year. After all you can’t do pirouettes if you fall over half way. I’m also really happy with the amount of sit ups and push ups I did as I have never reached either of those before, but then I had never pushed myself that much. I really benefited from the ballet lesson and I’m liking ballet again.


One thought on “20/09/16 Ballet blog”

  1. Sophia, I would have been interested to see some reflection by you as to why you think you might be enjoying ballet again. Also, although it was good that you noticed that your balance seems better, you could have thought about why this might be because, if you understand why, you are in a better position to improve it still more – rather than it just being a random thing. It would have been helpful too, if you could have reflected on why you would normally not have pushed yourself as hard as you did in this session where you found you were able to achieve more than ever before. If you were to work like this every week you would see yourself making considerable progress by the end of the year.


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