26/09/16 Jazz Lesson 3

Todays lesson was really fun! after we had a really good warm up and stretch we started learning a routine. Our warm ups are basically mini work out sessions that always include running and jumping jacks to warm us up and make us hot then we do lunges and sit ups and press-ups to exercise our muscles and after all of this we do lots of stretches mainly on our legs to get us more flexible. The routine was great and Sarah said it could have been considered for a ballet routine but we did it in Jazz style instead because then it could be more aggressive and scary, however ballet could have made it seem eerie as well. Then we learnt how to do a specific lift which wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but then I did have Tom who is strong enough to support me. So yeah todays lesson was good, I learnt a lot.


One thought on “26/09/16 Jazz Lesson 3”

  1. Sophia, please try and record in more detail what has been done in class – when you say warm up, what kind of activities do you mean by this? When you say stretch – what stretches? You say the new routine is like ballet but is jazz – did Sarah say what this style of jazz is called? What steps make up the start of this jazz routine? – if you don’t want to write it out, make sure you video it. How did Sarah go about teaching you this lift? Did she show it to you in a picture or on a video clip first so you knew what was the goal? Did she talk it though and demonstrate it? Did you ‘mark’ it through until you and your partner understood the co-ordination and technique required before actually lifting? Does the lift have a name? Could you post a picture of it?


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