21/11/16 Tap Lesson 9

Today we completely scrapped our Tap routine, Sarah could see we were not enjoying it, and it was just really difficult to do. However our new routine is to footloose, which we all love because it’s so much fun.

Here is our new routine so far, minus the chorus:


One thought on “21/11/16 Tap Lesson 9”

  1. Sophia, there seems to be a recurring theme that I have been picking up on which is that you and your group do not like being pushed out of your comfort zone and stretched and challenged “we were not enjoying it, and it was just really difficult to do”. This is concerning, especially if you are hoping to successfully progress onto drama school to study Musical Theatre at an advanced level and if you are hoping to work professionally. Word will soon get around if you are difficult to work with and expect choreographers to compromise their ideas and dumb them down – they will refuse to work with you if you get a reputation for this kind of attitude. In your second year we should really be pushing you as much as we can so that you will be better prepared and able to cope at drama school where they won’t take any prisoners. I’m not meaning to imply that this is YOUR attitude (although I suspect it is because of the jazz lift you are avoiding working on and how you reacted to working on ‘Let it Snow’ with Paul) but it does mean that the group is not making the progress that Sarah had planned for you. I’m interested that it has to be ‘fun’ for you to want to work on it. This is not the tutor’s responsibility to make happen – you have to find the fun in whatever you are doing even if it is a serious and tragic piece. You have to invest in it.


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