Task 3: Melodrama

17th/18th March

Lynn had a chat with me about the melodrama today and asked if I could take Daytona’s place as Daytona is no longer in the show. I am very honoured that Lynn has chosen me but with one week until the show I need to learn her lines as quick as possible. It does put a lot of pressure on me however I can do some research on how to act drunk etc and how I should speak, because the character is in the media industry possibly on television and so she would speak quite well. Lynn suggested that I look at Pippa Middleton and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. There are some videos below of videos that will help me with the dialogue.

Pippa Middleton videos to look at voice.

This one is an interview about the bullying she faces.

UK Video(01/07/14), Video Pippa Middleton interview I feel ‘publicly bullied’ by internet trolls Telegraph, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEnFXBhEaUk (18/05/17)

This video is only a quick interview about her book.

SuperPopVIP(04/12/13) INTERVIEW: Pippa Middleton on feeling nervous about the b…, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyYqTOaj5X8 (18/05/17)

I then started looking at videos of how to act drunk as I don’t have much time to work on characterisation. The man had some good notes and talked about 4 different types of drunk people you get. For my character I feel like she would be the relaxed drunk as she is quite educated anyway and wouldn’t dare to make herself look like a fool in public, especially if she is in the media business. The part in this video that is relevant starts at 2:03 and that’s where he starts talking about the four types of drunk people you get and the one that seems most relevant to me.

DWillyB (04/06/09) Playing Drunk 1 – DW Brown, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM71e8ovUos (18/05/17)

Earlier I mentioned that I was told to look at Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, which I did of course. However I didn’t like her voice and even though she was well spoken I felt that Pippa Middleton was more similar to how I speak and so it would be much easier to mimic.

18th March

Today I had a rehearsal with Emma, James and Leah, it was for the melodrama. They helped me so much as I had no idea what I was supposed to do in the script and they were all patient with me and told me where I needed to stand and how I needed to act when I was drunk. It has also helped me remember my lines a bit more as I have become more familiar with them whilst rehearsing the scene so many times.

22nd May

Today we did a session on characterisation with the help of Lynn as she hadn’t seen what we had been practising with it. She also helped us act more drunk, but not so that we looked stupid and fake. Lynn did this mainly by imitating how we would say the dialogue, this helped me a lot as I started focusing more on the accent than acting drunk and so knowing how to say the words helped me to do both. Lynn also changed our staging slightly and now its definitely blocked which is great and I’m more confident with this scene after today.


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